Why Test and Tag Training is Absolutely Necessary

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Why Test and Tag Training is Absolutely Necessary

Legally to Test and Tag under the AS/NZS3760 standard one does not need to be an electrician. However, one must be deemed competent in order to test and tag. The best way for you to build up your confidence and competence is to take one of our test and tag PAT training courses

Legally you are not required to do any training before you go out and start testing. So, why then would one go out of their way to train themselves? Sure you could save yourself a couple bucks, but let’s look at some of the reasons why test and tag PAT training is necessary in 2022.

Test and Tag: Health and Safety 

Testing and tagging can actually be rather dangerous. Typically certified electricians are ones testing and tagging. However this isn’t always the case. Since regular people can buy themselves a portable appliance tester and start tagging, they may not know the significance or danger presented by electricity. Even then, because the standard does not require any kind of training to legally tag a blasé approach may lead to mistakes. After all, the AS/NZS3760 provides a process to reduce the risk of electrical shock to users of electrical equipment. Not following the standard may put yourself in danger.

Companies who test and tag their appliances tend to have strict health and safety policies. These policies are designed to limit their liability. Furthermore, health and safety legislation in New Zealand requires portable devices to be free from defects. Professional training can be one way of meeting these requirements.

Liability: Understanding the standard

Although the standard does not technically restrict who can test and tag, it does outlines what is required of a technician. These regulatory requirements include record keeping, tag information and who can do what. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Negligence of these requirements could see you personally liable in the event of an accident caused by improper test and tag procedures. Knowing your stuff is the best way to ensure the service you provide is quality and safe.

Whether you are doing your own DIY testing or are planning to work as a test and tag specialist it is vital that you get the necessary training. Failure to follow the regulations could land you a fine of upwards of $10,000!

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