What makes Metrotest different?

We're not just a sales company, or just a test & tag company, or just a development company, we do all three! We know our products inside out and use them. You really can't beat old fashioned knowledge and service.

Metrotest was established in 1998 by Mark & Sheila Goldthorpe and is an electrical safety company that has built a reputation as a supplier in both New Zealand and Australia of electrical safety equipment, as training provider for electrical safety testing 'competency' training and also operates a nationwide electrical safety testing operation.

Mark, having done thousands of electrical safety tests, saw the need for a fresh approach to maintaining electrical safety in the workplace. Some people were definitely put off doing testing by the costs involved in having an electrician inspect and test their portable electrical equipment - Metrotest solved this problem by designing their own test equipment for use by the 'competent person'. Portable Appliance Testers (PATs) have since come a long way; there being many brands now available through Metrotest (including our own brand MTi and Ethos).

What We Do & Our Credentials

Metrotest have proven credentials, being AS/NZS3760 Committee members on Standards New Zealand, are centrally located and provide the following:

  • Electrical safety competency training and assessment
  • Nationwide Test and Tag Service
  • Training to enable compliance with AS/NZS3760 and AS/NZS3551/5761/5762
  • Accredited Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) training provider
  • Direct import of many brands of testers resulting in affordable prices
  • Australia and New Zealand's largest range of Portable Appliance Testers for sale
  • Assessment to see WHAT YOU NEED, NOT what we can sell you
  • Full back up to keep you working - repairs, calibrations, servicing, rentals, loans
  • Continual product development especially for the Australian and New Zealand markets - we lead and the others follow...

Our Goal

Our company is undergoing rapid growth through sales and development with continual new products and services to meet the advanced needs of the electrical safety industry. Our clients come from a variety of areas and come in all shapes and sizes, from the individual contractor up to multi-national companies. All receive our dedicated support and comprehensive back up.

Metrotest's goal is to design and supply Portable Appliance Testing Systems and test and measurement instrumentation, which exceed the ability of all other PATs and systems on the market today and ensures that equipment being tested is actually 'safe', not merely 'compliant'. We will not compromise the capability of a PAT tester for the sake of portability - if it's small it often has something vital missing!

For those who have huge volumes of appliances to test it is our aim to make the fastest and most auditable testing system yet whilst ensuring that 'real' testing is still performed and that a 'PASS' means an appliance is 'SAFE' for use.

Metrotest will strive to provide top quality products and services - we aim to be the best in our industry. We believe that integrity in both business relationships and personal relationships is the foundation for the future.

Metrotest is a privately owned company and has a vision for growth to enable profits to be invested into third world Christian charities such as orphanages and missionary support. When all said and done it is people and their lives that matter and we want to contribute ensuring people can have a future and a hope.