What do Test and Tag Colours Mean?

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What do Test and Tag Colours Mean?

Every time you get an appliance tested, It needs to be marked with one of the appropriate test and tag colours. Primarily there are just four colours used when testing and tagging in New Zealand. Red, green, blue, yellow are the main test and tag colours, however orange, white, black, burgundy and grey can also be used.

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Tags and what they mean

It is actually incredibly simple. The colour of the tag refers to when the appliance was tested. When testing and tagging the techniques should attach a tag to the appliance signifying when the device was tested.

The colour of the tag helps the next technician know when it was last tested and if it is due to be tested again. Different colours indicate which month range an appliance was last tested.

  • Red tag: December, January, February
  • Green tag: March, April, May
  • Blue tag: June, July, August
  • Yellow tag: September, October, November

These coloured labels are primarily used in construction, mining and demolition industries. Under AS/NZS 3012 standards, appliances in these industries are required to be tested quarterly. So, each coloured tag refers to which quarter of the year the appliance was tested.

Orange, White, Black, Burgundy and Grey Tags

Other industries may not need to have their appliances tested as frequently. Some things such as home or office appliances may only need to be tested once or twice a year. Some devices may only need a test once every two or so years. This is when these test and tag colours may be used.

  • Orange: 6 Month Tag (January – June)
  • White: 6 Month Tag (July – December)
  • Black: Yearly Tag
  • Grey: 2 Year Tag
  • Burgundy: 5 year Tag

Hopefully this guide has cleared up what the different test and tag colours mean. If you need to resupply on test and tag colours visit our online store to find high quality tags.