Test & Tag Christmas Special Sale Sonel MPI-540PV + EVSE-01

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Test & Tag Christmas Special Sale Sonel MPI-540PV + EVSE-01

We know it has been a hard year for a lot of companies and to help get you back on your feet in 2022, Metrotest have come up with a great package.

With the number of electric vehicles on New Zealand roads set to increase dramatically over the next few years, now is a great time to get on board with EV testing. The MPI-540+EVSE-01 are the perfect combination for testing of Electric vehicle testing stations.

  • The MPI-540+EVSE-01 kit is normally a little over $5300+GST
    Purchase these two items together before 31st January 2022 and get $500 off (use code-540EVSE)

For more advanced testing, upgrade to the MPI-540PV and carry out testing of photovoltaic installations, the MPI-540PV is also able to be used with the EVSE-01 and when ordered together prior to January 31, 2022, you will receive a free Thermal Imaging camera.

The MPI-540-PV instrument can measure photovoltaic installations in accordance with the EN 62446 standard:

  • continuity of protective and equipotential bond,
  • earth resistance,
  • insulation resistance on the DC side,
  • open circuit voltage UOC,
  • short circuit current ISC,
  • work currents and powers on both DC and AC side,
  • inverter efficiency.

MPI-540-PV can record 50/60 Hz power quality parameters in accordance to S class of EN 61000-4-30:

  • voltage L1, L2, L3, – average values in the range up to 500 V,
  • L1, L2, L3 currents, – average values, current measurement in the range up to 3 kA (depending on the current probes used),
  • frequency in the range of 40 Hz – 70 Hz, » active (P), reactive (Q) and apparent (S) power,
  • power factor (PF), cosφ,
  • harmonics (up to 40th for voltage and current),
  • total harmonic distortion (THD) for current and voltage.


MPI-540-PV can be used for all measurements for commissioning of electrical installations in accordance with applicable regulations:

  • short circuit loop impedance (also in circuits secured with RCDs),
  • RCD parameters,
  • insulation resistance,
  • earth resistance (4 measurement methods + soil resistivity measurement),
  • continuity of protective and equipotential bond,
  • light intensity measurement,
  • phase sequence testing,
  • motor rotation direction

Another essential piece of kit for all test and tag technicians is a thermal imaging camera. The ability to measure temperature accurately  can be extremely useful for basic diagnostics and safety. We already offer the Sonel KT-120M thermal imaging camera. However this camera is designed specifically for usage in areas when many body temperature readings on people is needed. For industrial use something more powerful is require.

Coming soon to the Metrotest online store the Sonel KT-128 Thermal Imager. This thermal imaging camera has some serious advantages over the KT-120M.

KT-128 is used when the temperature of objects is important and may affect the operation of the equipment. Particularly in power engineering, construction, industry and HVAC. Its features include:

  • measuring range -20°C…400°C
  • quick start
  • fast temperature measurement
  • automatic signalling of exceeded alarm threshold
  • saving IR images to SD card
  • built-in Li-Ion battery with 5-hour working time
  • interfaces: microUSB 2.0 type C, SD slot
  • can be set up on a tripod

Keep an eye out for our next announcement for when we stock the Sonel KT-128.