Test Equipment-Is It Really Safe?

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Test Equipment-Is It Really Safe?

3 Phase App/Ext/RCD (AERO2032 RCD Lead Adaptor Box)

Recently there was an incident in the electrical test n tag industry which, if you have anything to do with the industry, you should be aware of. At Metrotest, safety is our top priority. Recently there was the recall of a product by a test and tag supplier, and it’s a serious recall due to safety concerns.  This product is a 3 phase multi-lead adaptor.

If you have anything to do with 3 phase testing pay, especially close attention, because this recall could affect you. The product is very dangerous as if one 3 phase lead is plugged in and the other unplugged, the unused plug is LIVE. We won’t go into any greater detail here, but more information can be found in the link below.

It surprised us how hard it was to find information on the recall. For a safety company, it isn’t very well publicised as it is non-existent on their Facebook page and good luck finding it without a link on the seller’s website which is very unfortunate as this is safety we are talking about. For this reason, if you know anyone using 3 Phase test equipment give them a heads up, in case they don’t know. You may just prevent them from being electrocuted.

As you will be aware recalls happen on occasion for products; however, this recall raises some concerns that need addressing. This 3 phase multi adaptor was on sale for SEVEN YEARS before the dangerous defect was found. That’s a long time, and the manufacturer and suppliers of this product, as well as its users, were incredibly fortunate that no one was electrocuted.

At Metrotest, we are wondering why it took so long to discover this. Why didn’t the supplier check the equipment thoroughly before on selling? One concern is the issue of test’n’tag suppliers with no technical electrical background selling equipment. Metrotest has qualified electrical technicians who check and continually check for issues that could occur in equipment and products that we sell. This is a natural process for us as we do repairs and are involved in the design of our test equipment. We understand that mistakes happen from time to time and things aren’t always picked up straight away, but SEVEN YEARS is not acceptable for expert companies. The dangerous fault may have been picked up sooner if qualified electrical technicians had checked and continued to check the product.

This recall is a very good reminder to everyone that you shouldn’t just take the suppliers word that a product is safe. Check it out for yourself, because as you have seen, the experts can be wrong. We encourage our customers to raise any concerns they have about test equipment that we have provided and produced.  Some of our customers have even gone to manufactures with our equipment and they have been surprised at how good it is.

Wherever you buy your test equipment, make sure to check it yourself and that YOU understand how to operate it and know what is actually happening when using it. In this way, you are being a RESPONSIBLE person and helping others stay safe. It has taken seven years for this 3 phase multi adaptor to be recalled, but we wonder if someone found the issue earlier, but just shrugged it off instead of reporting it. The responsibility falls not only on the supplier but on the user as well.

If you are thinking of making up testing accessories or getting them made think carefully! How could it be used the wrong way, the ‘what if’ situations that could occur like if someone was to use the equipment incorrectly, would they receive an electric shock. Check what actual, technical electrical background a supplier has.

Fortunately, no one has been harmed when using this product, but it shows just how horribly wrong it could become. If you have any questions about test equipment, give Metrotest a call on 0800638768, and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

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