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Need To Calibrate Your Appliance Tester?

When I trained as an electrical apprentice in the 70s most test instruments were analogue and there were few of them; compared to what’s in an average sparky or techs tool case today. Back then, to be bluntly honest, very few Instruments ever saw the inside of a calibration lab, if they did it was... ....Read More

How To Configure A Printer With A Portable Appliance Tester

Configuring a printer with your portable appliance tester may not be an obvious task at first, but is something that you will need to do in order to be able to print labels after your test (so you can tag!). So how do you do this? The following video shows you how to configure a... ....Read More

How To Locate Wires With The Sonel LKZ 720

Have you ever wondered if you can find out where wires are behind a wall, maybe before drilling on doing work on the wall? Well, you actually can! Wire locating equipment is available and able to give exactly that information, plus a lot more. What exactly can you see with a cable locator? With the... ....Read More