We Support You With

  • Knowledgeable Purchasing Advice
  • Get You Started & Keep You Going
  • Full Telephone/Email Back Up
  • Free Back Up (most products)
  • Friendly & Supportive Help
  • Commitment To Your Company
  • Extensive Experience & Knowledge of Testing/Regulations/Standards to Share
  • Loan Testers & Printers
  • Hire of Testers/SupaPATstm/Printers
  • Site Test & Tag Auditing
  • Repairs and Calibrations

The Right-Knowledgeable Purchasing Advice

Advice from a company that tests, sells and repairs PATs.  It’s easy to sell testers, but we do not just want to sell you a tester, we want to help you test to ensure safety in your workplace. Tell us what you NEED, if we can’t help you we will tell you and point you in the right direction (yes even to our competitors!).

It is very hard to compare apples and pears, as is sometimes the case when trying to buy a tester.  It can all be very confusing, we will help you to understand what it all means.  You may not end up buying your tester from us, but you will be far more knowledgeable on what to look for after you have talked to us.

Remember the brochures all sound good, but firsthand knowledge is always better.  Also remember what can be done on paper cannot always be achieved in the workplace.

Get You Started and Keep You Going

We can help you set your PAT testing system up and you can call us any time if you have a testing question/PAT/Printer problem, and we will direct you to who we think can help best and try to sort things out.  We have:

  • Trainers – to help our Competently trained people
  • Test & Tag Technicians – to help if you have a problem out on the job.
  • Test Support – to help with downloading your testers
  • Helpful administration and management staff to also help with your problems/queries If you have a problem that we can’t sort out over the phone, don’t worry we can keep you testing by:
    • Sending you a Loan PAT or Printer whilst we;
    • Repair your PAT or Printer

Telephone/Email Back Up and Support

We are a phone call away and we can help you through your set up, testing, downloading problems (of course there is always the odd one that beats us, but we

will try very hard).  If you have a testing problem there is a high chance we or a customer has had the same thing happen to them – we can share with you our knowledge.

Free Backup (on most products)

It does not matter if you bought your tester just last year or 8 years ago, we still want to help you keep going.  Sometimes it may take a few phone calls, but we really do want to help.

Friendly Supportive Help

Everyone in the Metrotest office are here to help you, if you do not think that this is what you are receiving, let us know.  As L V Martin used to say – ‘it’s the putting it right that counts’.

We have tried to source equipment/accessories that help us get it right, but whenever a ‘human’ or ‘computer’ for that matter is concerned, there is the possibility of problems – we know we have lots of both in our office!

Don’t spend hours struggling with a problem, give us a call and we may be able to save you a lot of time and frustration.  We have more than probably ‘been there done that’.

Commitment To Your Company

Metrotest has been going since 1998 and many of our original customers are still with us.  Some customers we hear from regularly, some infrequently, but we try to keep what you need in stock or have a workable solution for you however long ago you purchased your equipment from us.

Extensive Testing Experience & Knowledge To Share With You

We know that you want to be able to do things yourself and not have to send everything ‘back to base’, so if we have the knowledge we will gladly pass it on to you.

Help with Standards & Electrical Regulations Interpretation

Sometimes you can be given very conflicting advice out there in the workplace.  Metrotest Director, Mark Goldthorpe, is a Standards Committee Member for AS/NZS3760 and has been since 1999 and knows this Standard inside out, not just what is written on paper, but what the intention of the Committee was when it was being written.  Sometimes a little insight can go a very long way.

We have been approached by various nationwide companies, associations and organisations over the years to help find them find a way to meet the Regulations and Standards, as unfortunately one box does not fit all.  We can give you sensible advice to help you in your testing work.

Hire of Testers/SupaPATsTM/Printers

Have you taken on a large contract and need another PAT quickly, we can help with a rental of a PAT Tester or SupaPAT TM (Minimum 2 week hire-excluding transit time).  Would you like more information, then contact us.

Site Test & Tag Auditing

Worried that you are paying too much for your electrical safety testing or think you may have been ripped off in the past?s We are able to do an on-site audit of your workplace on a ‘cost plus expenses’ basis.