Review of the EasiPAT

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Review of the EasiPAT

Portable Appliance Testing is quickly gaining popularity these days. Law does not require PAT Testing but employers – including self-employed people – must ensure the safety and proper maintenance of electrical equipment being used in their business or premises.

What Is Portable Appliance Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is widely used in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. PAT is the process of routinely checking electrical appliances for safety.

PAT Testing involves a visual inspection of the equipment and any flexible cables to see if they are in good condition. It also allows for the verification of grounding continuity and testing the soundness of insulation between the current carrying parts and any exposed metal that it may touch. The test results will differ depending on the category of equipment that you are testing.

Sonel Metro EasiPAT Portable Appliance Tester

The Sonel Metro EasiPAT Portable Appliance Tester packs a big punch in a small package. This amazing little (PAT) fully functioned Portable Appliance Tester is the next step in do-it-yourself (DIY) testing.

The unit includes:

  • PRCD (portable Residual Current Device) testing
  • Battery & mains operated (requires mains for powered up leakage testing)
  • Powered up leakage testing
  • Insulation testing
  • Polarity testing
  • Earth Test: 200mA, 10A
  • Flashing warning lights when used for powered up testing-providing extra safety for the operator
  • 1 Push test selection
  • Bright Pass/Fail Indicator
  • Light up LCD display
  • Direct Wi-Fi Capable
  • Great carry bag with room for all your accessories and mini thermal transfer printer (Tough Tags)

Basic Limited Memory Capability

The tester has a built in a basic memory recall, which can be downloaded with Sonel Pats Reader and is able to do basic printing. A future App is planned for development.

Portable Residual Current Device Testing

Residual Current Device testing ensures that your RCD will operate quickly in the event of an electrical incident. Also known as safety switch testing, RCD testing enables your RCD to function well as it is designed to trip or turn off all the power going to that circuit. Portable RCD testing is one of the many features of the EasiPAT that ensures safety for your equipment.

Powered Up Leakage Testing

Leakage current testing checks the current that streams from either DC or AC circuit in an equipment to the ground or framework and can be from the output or input. The leakage current in an equipment flows when an unintentional electrical connection occurs between the ground and an energized part or conductor.

Insulation Testing

Insulation testing checks low voltage circuit breakers to ensure acceptable amounts of insulation resistance between phases and from phase to ground. The EasiPAT is used to apply an overvoltage to test the integrity of the insulation.

Polarity Testing

Polarity testing is used to check the right connection of the line and neutral conductors. In electrical terms, polarity refers to the negative or positive conductors within a dc circuit or to the line and neutral conductor within an ac circuit.

My Review of the Sonel Metro EasiPAT Portable Appliance Tester

At this point, I’d like to share my personal review of this amazing product.

The Sonel Metro EasiPAT Portable Appliance Tester is a great instrument for testing the safety and proper maintenance of all of my electric appliances. It’s lightweight and easy to use. I am able to test my equipment and appliances in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. No bulky machine to wield, just this powerful portable machine that lets me test quickly and efficiently.

The EasiPAT is reasonably priced and is a great value for money. It’s optimized for efficiency and is in stellar condition. It’s a high quality machine that’s sturdy yet economical. I love what the EasiPAT can do for me.

I am so happy I purchased the EasiPAT as it has given me convenience and safety in such an affordable package. Looking with long-term use in mind, I am able to get a significant return of investment for my installment in buying the EasiPAT.

When Do I Use my EasiPAT

I use the EasiPAT to test my appliances or equipment for safety and maintenance. Any appliance with a plug that must be connected to a wall socket needs to be PAT tested. This includes PCs, monitors, printers, electric drills, kettles, microwave, and other appliances that I use regularly. It also works for vending machines, photocopiers, and other appliances or equipment that you may have in your business or home. You will surely love this amazing machine.

Now that you know what the EasiPAT can do for you, go ahead and buy one for yourself. You will surely enjoy this handy new gadget that allows you to sleep secure in the knowledge that your appliances and equipment are safe. I hope you like your new EasiPAT as much as I do.