Sonel EasiPAT 2

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Sonel Metro EasiPAT Portable Appliance Tester

This amazing little (PAT) fully functioned Portable Appliance Tester is the next step in do it yourself testing.


  •  PRCD (portable Residual Current Device) testing
  •  Battery & mains operated (requires mains for powered up leakage testing)
  •  Powered up leakage testing
  •  Insulation testing
  •  Polarity testing
  •  Earth Test: 200mA
  •  Flashing warning lights when used for powered up testing-providing extra safety for the operator
  •  1 Push test selection
  •  Bright Pass/Fail Indicator
  •  Light up LCD display
  •  Direct Wi-Fi Capable
  •  Great carry bag with room for all your accessories and mini thermal transfer printer (Tough Tags)

Basic limited memory capability:

the tester has a built in a basic memory recall which can be downloaded with Sonel Pats Reader.


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More Details

Visual inspection
Earth bond resistance I = 200 mA+ (0,01…19,99 Ω)
Insulation resistance U = 250 V+ (0,01…99,9 MΩ)
Insulation resistance U = 500 V+ (0,01…99,9 MΩ)
Alternative leakage current+ (0,01…19,9 mA)
Touch leakage current+ (0,001…4,999 mA)
Differential leakage current+ (0,10…19,9 mA)
IEC cord test (RISO, RPE, Polarity)
PRCD (trip time for IΔn: x1/x5; 0° and 180°)10 mA, 30 mA
Built-in Memory
Cooperation with printer
Data transmition to PC
Power supply50 Hz (or 60Hz) U nominal. 220V.230V.240V / battery powered
Measurement Category: CAT II 300V
Weight [kg] / size [cm] 1.55 kg / 200 mm x 180 mm x 77 mm

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