Silver course

Once you have completed the Bronze course, go further in depth, and extend your competency

  • Electrical theory of testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Earth continuity and Earth bond and what is the difference
  • Function of the Protective Earth
  • Safety Testing of electrical appliances
  • Introduction to advanced testing equipment and procedures

9 reviews for SILVER COURSE

  1. Cheniqua (verified owner)

    was really easy to understand and follow along with. enjoyed learning about the supaPATs 🙂

  2. Derek

    very good

  3. Jeffrey

    I can’t wait to see what’s in the Gold course. This silver course is very informative.

  4. Paul

    Overall good. When it is suggested to use the simulator alongside the demonstration clicking on the simulator brings it up on a separate tab, which takes you away from the demonstration. Yes, you could split the screen, but then that starts to complicate things.

  5. Ngaru

    It was good to actually see some examples of the SupaPats

  6. Brynn

    All good lots of information to take in but all usefull.

  7. Isaiah (verified owner)

    The mini quiz at the end of each lesson was great and helped me to review and remember what was just covered.

  8. Jaco

    I absolutely enjoyed doing the Silver Course! This online format suits me perfectly and I am under no pressure compared to a class room scenario! Highly recommendable! Thanks you!

  9. Michael

    Really enjoying this course I look at the appliances we use in every day life and how we can make them safe to use which gives me great peace of mind.

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