Silver course

Once you have completed the Bronze course, go further in depth, and extend your competency

  • Electrical theory of testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Earth continuity and Earth bond and what is the difference
  • Function of the Protective Earth
  • Safety Testing of electrical appliances
  • Introduction to advanced testing equipment and procedures

4 reviews for SILVER COURSE

  1. Melissa

    Metrotest was really helpful on the course when I had a problem in silver. They got it sorted really quickly so I could continue learning and become competent. Great course guys!

  2. Sebastian

    I had a few recommendations for their courses and instead of blowing me off, they actually contacted me and took my advice to heart. They explained they are still tweaking it and want to make sure it can be better and better. Overall though, good course.

  3. Dinah

    When looking around the other online course providers were sayings I needed to buy a tester before doing their course. Saw Metrotest say you don’t need one but they provided one! What’s better it was the same tester that was in their courses. I had already learned to use it, using there simulator! Thanks team, you took the pressure off spending thousands of $$$ and allowed me just to focus on taking the course 🙂

  4. Cheniqua Thomson (verified owner)

    was really easy to understand and follow along with. enjoyed learning about the supaPATs 🙂

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