MPI-502 Loop/RCD Tester


The MPI-502 from Sonel is a multifunction earth loop impedance and RCD tester combination in one compact unit, making it possible to test both loop impedance and RCD trip time and current without the need for separate instruments.


  • Earth loop impedance and RCD testing in one handy unit
  • Non-tripping of the RCD when earth loop impedance testing
  • Option to use a high current (23A single phase) or 44A (multi phase) if required
  • Earth loop impedance testing on a wide range of electrical circuits
  • Measures fault loop reactance (Xs) when testing loop impedance
  • Detection of swapped L and N connections in the socket with conversion in the meter
  • Measurement of mains voltage and frequency
  • Low current resistance measurement (200mA current) for checking earth connections and continuity
  • Rapid check for correct earth connection using touch electrode
  • Testing of RCD breakers A and AC type – both general and selective
  • Tests 10, 30, 100, 300 and 500mA RCD’s
  • Test both trip current and trip time
  • Auto Ramp testing of RCD’s for measurement of tripping current
  • Can test trip time with 50% (no trip), 100%, 200% and 500% of rated trip current
  • Auto function for testing loop impedance and RCD trip time AND trip current with only ONE RCD trip
  • Built in memory for storing of up to 990 measurements
  • Wireless connection to a PC with supplied wireless dongle and Sonel READER
  • Optional reporting software for creation of professional test reports
  • Auto calibration of test leads – any length lead can be used with no effect on accuracy
  • Large backlit LCD screen and keypad for use in darker environments with clear indication of results
  • CAT IV 300V safety rating with IP67 dust and waterproof rating for use in harsh environments


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