Sonel Metro EasiPAT

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Sonel Metro EasiPAT Portable Appliance Tester

This amazing little (PAT) fully functioned Portable Appliance Tester is the next step in do it yourself testing.


  •  PRCD (portable Residual Current Device) testing
  •  Battery & mains operated (requires mains for powered up leakage testing)
  •  Powered up leakage testing
  •  Insulation testing
  •  Polarity testing
  •  Earth Test: 200mA, 10A
  •  Flashing warning lights when used for powered up testing-providing extra safety for the operator
  •  1 Push test selection
  •  Bright Pass/Fail Indicator
  •  Light up LCD display
  •  Direct Wi-Fi Capable
  •  Great carry bag with room for all your accessories and mini thermal transfer printer (Tough Tags)

Basic limited memory capability:

the tester has a built in a basic memory recall which can be downloaded with Sonel Pats Reader and is able to basic printing

A future App is planned for development.



1 review for Sonel Metro EasiPAT

  1. Blair Urlich (Replacement Lamp Services)

    The new appliance test and tag machines we purchased recently are compact units, and are simple and easy to use. The service we have received from Metrotest has been excellent.

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