Sonel Metro EasiPAT 10


Sonel Metro EasiPAT Portable Appliance Tester

This amazing little (PAT) fully functioned Portable Appliance Tester is the next step in do it yourself testing.

EasiPAT10 Range

The full METRO EasiPAT10 range is designed for electrical safety testing not just compliance.  It has the best user warning system available anywhere minimising the risk to the testing person. It can test the protective earth at 10 Amps compared to most other testers whose limit is 0.2 Amps.  This range is built for safety testing and accurate real results.  See the features below:


  •  PRCD (portable Residual Current Device) testing
  •  Battery & mains operated (requires mains for powered up leakage testing)
  •  Powered up leakage testing
  •  Insulation testing
  •  Polarity testing
  •  Earth Test: 200mA, 10A
  •  Flashing warning lights when used for powered up testing-providing extra safety for the operator
  •  1 Push test selection
  •  Bright Pass/Fail Indicator
  •  Light up LCD display
  •  Direct Wi-Fi Capable
  •  Great carry bag with room for all your accessories and mini thermal transfer printer (Tough Tags)
  • All models can do some tests from the onboard battery which automatically charges when operated via mains supply
Printer options available:
  • Brother P-Touch Label Printer – Thermal Transfer Printer
  • Godex MX20 Label Printer – Direct Thermal Printer

EasiPAT10 FULL version has a very basic onboard memory (banks and cells) – however with the Sonel PAT Analysis Mobile programme all versions (expect the EasiPAT10 MANUAL version) can save full test results, print results to a printer and download free (to the basic Sonel Pat Analysis programme) or upgrade to Sonel PAT Analysis PC or Pat Organiser.

The EasiPAT10 standalone tester is available in 3 versions, MANUAL, STANDARD and FULL

The Standard version, by far the most popular, enables users to fully test all electrical equipment and is fully upgradeable (small cost) to allow for the use of the Sonel APP and a printer in the future. This allows for results to be stored and then sent to a printer which can print a multicolour flexible time frame tag (additional cost for the tablet and printer).  For those who just want to test items with a 1 push button selection and manually write tags and use a manual record system there is the MANUAL version and then there is the FULL version which has wifi connectivity, changeable test settings as well as preset tests, and the ability to be used with the Sonel APP and a printer which is more suitable for an advanced user who is likely well experienced.


METRO EasiPAT10 MANUAL Version Overview – PRICE $1450 plus GST
This advanced PAT Tester has all the same powerful test functions as the two models above it, including the best user safety warning system of any PAT Tester, but has a few less features and a simplified keypad with onboard test settings which are locked in so it’s not possible to compromise the integrity of the test results (changeable should the Standards change). It’s an easy 1 push test selection.
You will not be able to use the Sonel APP,  download test results, or use a printer, but you will be able to test safely for safety.
This version is not upgradeable


Affordable with features way above similarly priced competitors including protective earth bond testing at 10 Amps or a 200 mA continuity test.  Three pass or fail indicators are displayed at the end of tests including a bright green LED for passes and red LED for fail, as well as a tick/cross and the test values!

In summary it’s a very quick simple to use PAT built with the safety of the user in mind and real test results.  It will suit those who are happy to manually write out tags and keep manual results – hence its name.


Tiny Tags (200) (will not fit around cables) – $50 plus GST

Custom Printed Tough Tags (500) – $115 plus GST


METRO EasiPAT10 STANDARD Version Overview-Price $1690 plus GST


The Standard Version has all the features of the Manual Version, but is fully upgradeable. This is a great choice if you want the ability, in the future, to be able to connect to the Sonel APP and a printer (at a cost of $100 plus GST). This will enable record keeping via an APP and label/tag printing via a choice of two printers, the Brother P Touch printer (thermal transfer printer) or the Godex MX20 direct thermal printer.  This makes for a very quick, affordable and true safety testing PAT which is fully customisable in the future.






METRO EasiPAT10 Full Version Overview-Price $1790 plus GST

Whilst this is the most expensive standalone tester in the EasiPAT10 range with wifi connectivity, it also has  more user selectable options onboard, however all the test functions are the same.  Individual tests, testing times/limits and pass and fail options are adjustable which needs considering when purchasing as no one should change the pass/fail settings unless these are more stringent than the AS/NZS3760 Standard.  If there is doubt about keeping settings correctly set, then we would suggest having the Standard version with an upgrade for wifi connectivity.







METRO EasiPAT10 Pro Kit MX20 Single Phase Overview- Price $2690 plus GST

Normally this is supplied with the METRO EasiPAT10 STANDARD tester but can be supplied with the FULL version at no extra cost.

The single phase Pro Kit comes in a custom formed Nanuk case which is lockable and has provision for all items in the kit to be stored including space for labels/tags.  The Pro Kit includes:

  • EasiPAT10 Standard Version with accessories
  • Lenovo 7” Tablet with Sonel APP installed
  • Godex MX20 Label/Tag Printer with battery – direct thermal
  • 8 x rolls of unique dual-coloured tags for easy changeout of colours
  • Nanuk hard case with moulded insert


The robust, compact sized kit is a ‘ready 2 go’ system.  There are 50 labels/tags per roll which easily drop in and feed.

When choosing to purchase the MX20 direct thermal printer users can get two colours of tags from the same roll without changing rolls.  This is ideal where people would like different colours for ownership or time periods.  If you are looking for a complete system ie records/printer etc it’s worth considering the Pro Kit MX20 or for those who need to test 3 phase equipment the Pro Kit 3 Phase should be considered.

The Pro Kit has everything to do the job whilst keeping things secure and safe at a very attractive price.


Label Roll:

  • 1-5 rolls $12.50 plus GST per roll (50 labels on a roll)
  • 6-9 rolls $9.50 plus GST per roll (50 labels on a roll)
  • 10+ rolls $7.90 plus GST per roll (50 labels on a roll)

METRO EasiPAT10 Pro Kit MX20 3 Phase Overview-Price $3480 plus GST – AVAILABLE ON 23 DECEMBER  2023



This 3 Phase Pro Kit is supplied with everything that is in the single-phase Pro Kit, but with the additional leakage function test built into the case.  Simply plug the 3-phase appliance* into the Pro Kit via a 5 pin supply lead and perform the leakage tests as you would for a single phase appliance, store the result on the APP and print the label.


*You will need your own 3 Phase 5 pin extension lead



METRO EasiPAT10 Pro Kit P Touch Overview- Price $2380 plus GST

This Pro Kit is supplied in a soft case which houses the Brother P Touch thermal transfer printer instead of the MX20 direct thermal printer.  It is smaller and although supplied with the Lenovo Tablet does not have a dedicated storage position for it.  The Pro Kit includes:

  • EasiPAT10 Standard Version with accessories
  • Lenovo 7” Tablet with Sonel APP installed
  • Brother P Touch Thermal Transfer Label/Tag Printer with battery and printer cartridge
  • Soft carry bag

This is a good option as it is a little cheaper.


Label cartridge price $42 plus GST (approx. 85 labels)

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  1. Blair Urlich (Replacement Lamp Services)

    The new appliance test and tag machines we purchased recently are compact units, and are simple and easy to use. The service we have received from Metrotest has been excellent.

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More Details

Visual inspection
Earth bond resistance I = 200 mA+ (0,01…19,99 Ω)
Earth bond resistance I = 10 A+ (0,001…1,99 Ω)
Insulation resistance U = 250 V+ (0,01…99,9 MΩ)
Insulation resistance U = 500 V+ (0,01…99,9 MΩ)
Alternative leakage current+ (0,01…19,9 mA)
Touch leakage current+ (0,001…4,999 mA)
Differential leakage current+ (0,10…19,9 mA)
IEC cord test (RISO, RPE, Polarity)
PRCD (trip time for IΔn: x1/x5; 0° and 180°)10 mA, 30 mA
Built-in Memory
Cooperation with printer
Data transmition to PC
Power supply50 Hz (or 60Hz) U nominal. 220V.230V.240V / battery powered
Measurement Category: CAT II 300V
Weight [kg] / size [cm] 1.55 kg / 200 mm x 180 mm x 77 mm

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