MET20 Facial Recognition Scanner with Temperature Measurement

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Thermal Imaging Facial Recognition Scanner

Introducing the MET20 Thermal Imaging Door Entry System with built-in facial recognition technology. Supporting 3 different modes, depending on the requirement and the environment it will be used in, equipped with free software for more powerful and versatile functions. This facial recognition scanner effectively combines traditional infrared temperature measurement with the technology of artificial intelligence face recognition, providing security. Installation and set up is easy, and equally easy to use by simply standing in front of the device so it can quickly and efficiently complete user identification and temperature measurement . The built-in alarm will sound and stop further entry should the body temperature of the user exceed normal values, this allows for further screening. This is an ideal device that can be used in a range of environments or applications, especially in areas where the management of people flow, traffic and security need to be monitored, perfect for entry and exit points of buildings like shops, offices, schools and more.

Features and Benefits:

  • This high quality System is perfect for use in a range of applications like managing door entry access and attendance in offices, schools and more using quick screening technology to monitor and detect human body temperature
  • The wide dynamic, binocular HD camera supports face recognition in offering a facial recognition speed of ≤0.2’s
  • Additionally, the intelligent AI technology supports facial recognition of those wearing glasses, face masks and more, ensuring that detection still takes place with the highest accuracy
  • The infrared temperature measurement is highly accurate with an accuracy of up to ±0.2°C, while the integrated alarm for abnormal body temperature measurement will prevent further entry to reduce cross-infection and allow further verification before entry is allowed
  • The standalone Management software enables automatic face collection and batch import, saving time and effort
  • It also assists in the centralised management of entrance data such as body temperature, visitors and entrance logs
  • This thermal imaging camera is an ideal non-contact, hands-free facial recognition system, offering high precision and an efficient solution for temperature measurement, attendance and access control for a range of environments
  • 7-inch colour screen with a 1080P resolution @ 25fps that supports face detection tracking and optimisation
  • The unit housing is made from ultra-durable PC and ABS while offering an IP54 rating and has been drop tested to 2m


Door entry systems are generally designed with some features that will allow access to those who have been entered into the system or software that is used, either through a fob, key card or even facial recognition. This is a great way to track the entrance and exit of people into buildings as a quicker and more efficient way of creating secure and controlled access points, especially in areas where members of the general public may not be allowed to access. These types of door entry systems are often used in:

  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Factories and industrial manufacturing
  • Hospitals and healthcare environments such as research laboratories
  • Supermarkets and shops
  • Offices

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System TypeFacial Recognition with Infrared Thermometer
Colour or Monochrome DisplayColour
Supply Voltage12V

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