CEM DT-6650 Multifunction Installation Tester

$2,070.00 including GST


The DT-6650 rugged Multifunction Installation Tester with 3.5″ TFT colour LCD display is designed complete system with software that ensures the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The 6650 series can be used to ensure the fixed wiring is safe and correctly installed. It has fast sampling and dual display, clear symbols and an exceptionally wide viewing angle for easy and safe readings.

The unit is solid and has good functionality.

It comes in a good solid plastic case that is big enough to hold everything you need to carryout your work.  It has a good power pack but also has a 12-volt car adaptor to enable it to be charged while you are driving around which is a very useful option.
The tester is supplied with rechargeable batteries.

It carry’s out the tests you need Including:

  • Earth resistance
  • Low Ohm testing
  • earth loop impedance
  • phase rotation (Including 3 Phase)
  • Insulation resistance from 125-1000 volts
  • RCD Testing
  • Voltage and Frequency

when carrying out the various test there are 2 electrical characteristics being displayed, for example with the earth loop impedance you also get the perspective short circuit current displayed, and with earth tests it displays the current being used to establish the figures.

This tester is also supplied with free software and can connect to a Bluetooth application available in the Google Play Store


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