Label Printers

Printers and Labels/Tags

Printers can be battery powered, mains powered running from a DC power source or a combination of both and there are different types of print systems:

Direct Thermal – this relies on heat to print onto the label/tag and therefore it is ‘heat sensitive’ and and life span for readability is often short.

Thermal Transfer – this is the most common printers used and uses a ribbon to transfer the information on to the label/tag which means a tough material can be used resulting in more durable tags.

Over the years we have used and sold many printers, but thermal transfer is definitely, in our opinion the best solution as the tag should always remain readable. Direct thermal labels/tag swill often become unreadable if subject to heat or sunlight (much like a till receipt left in sunlight).

Thermal transfer printers will normally be bigger than direct thermal and most are designed to run from the mains via a DC adaptor.  If they are small, then they will be expensive maybe 3-4 times the normal price and consumables will also be expensive.

  • Label Printers

    • Direct Thermal Label Printers

      Direct thermal printers have been available for a long time and vary greatly in reliability, robustness and price. They do not have a ribbon and work with heat sensitive (reactive) label material to produce the image. Having no ribbon allows for a smaller, compact size which is often really appealing to users. These printers often...
    • Dual Direct Thermal Transfer & Thermal Label Printers

      These printers are small, take both thermal transfer label stock with ribbon and direct thermal labels – best of all worlds – however they are new to the market, not readily available and hence currently very expensive. Great solution if the price is right – best of all worlds!
    • Brother PTP 750w

      The Brother PTP 750w label printer connects to the EasiPATs and uses TZe 24mm laminated tapes available in 5 colour variants: Black on Red Black on Yellow Black on Green Black on White White on Blue
    • Intermec C4 Label Printer

      The Intermec C4 is a sleek, compact, and very silent label printer. Utilising a double-clam shell, it easily opens for drop-in supply loading. Intermec guarantee that the user will have everything they need with the excluing Connect & Print package which includes Quickstart Guide, PrinterCompanion CD with instruction videos, Intermec’s LabelShop START design and print...
    • Zebra TLP Label Printer

      Get fast, dependable printing in your most space constrained areas with super compact Zebra TLP thermal transfer printer. Designed for small work spaces, it lets you print high-quality labels and tags wherever you need them. The range of connectivity options make deployment quick and easy. The Zebra TLP is easy to use, operate and troubleshoot,...
    • GoDEX RT200i Label Printer

      Used With: Metro IPat+ The RT200i barcode printer is packed with performance enhancing features that makes it the most powerful 2 inch thermal transfer printer. Color LCD and operation panel for easy and intuitive operation Ethernet, Serial and USB ports are standard features adding flexibility and power Maximum 7 IPS printing speed USB host for...
    • Mini Printer

      These have been around a long time and can be either direct thermal or dot matrix. They have been used in the past with PATs to download tests and produce print outs on till receipt type rolls, also could print information on to labels. They do not have an internal memory and so cannot store...
    • Thermal Transfer Label Printers

      Thermal transfer printers not only require printable labels but also ribbons. This allows for very heavy label materials to be used through the printer. They are generally larger in dimension than a direct thermal printer but are becoming significantly smaller as the years progress. They have an internal memory which holds the format fields (label...
    • Sato CG2 Thermal Transfer Printer

      With superior performance these 2″, 203 dpi, Thermal Transfer printers are best in their class. The model we sell has been especially developed for our company specifically for use in testing and tagging and is capable of printing on heavy duty vinyl labels. The Sato CG2 is compatible with the Metrel range of PAT testers. When...