Portable Appliance Tester Rentals

Not sure how often you’ll need a PAT or what to buy, maybe you just don’t want to tie up capital in non-core business assets? Consider our PAT hire.

We value your business and we will reward your loyalty as a returning customer, whether you continue to hire or decide to purchase. Either way you will be rewarded.

So, here’s what makes us different.

All our PATs are checked and adjusted where necessary for calibration prior to each hire in one of our own calibration labs.

Free back up and phone support from staff who are familiar with electrical testing and PATs.

Most of our hire PATs have an online product training platform available to users.

Choose from three different models of PATs available to hire including manual PATs and the worlds most advanced SupaPAT system which will print advanced tags that are multi coloured for different time periods (dual time tags) and can store in excess of one million test results.

Metrotest is New Zealand’s oldest nationwide electrical SAFETY testing company know the industry inside and out, we know the REAL PATs from the PRETENDERS and promise we will only hire REAL SAFETY testing PATs to you – ie only ones we would use. We strive to be the best in NZ!

Some people may be surprised to know we are very much involved in the design and building of SupaPATs.

Plus, we give you:

For manual PATs – 200 free tiny tags

For SupaPATs – 1 free roll of tags (can be dual time tags)

Every 5th hire you will get a credit for the average of the combined previous hires.

If you decide you no longer want to hire, after you have hired multiple times, and would like to purchase a PAT from us, we will discount any PAT by at least $250+GST.

We will also give u a free calibration and adjustment in 12 months (worth up to $390)

Rates for 5-day hire*
Easi PAT 10$200+GST
Alpha PAT$300+GST
Alpha SupaPAT$450+GST (with your logo loaded to the printer and a roll tags)
IPAT SupaPAT$550+GST (with your logo loaded to the printer and a roll of dual time tags)

*For a 5 day hire an allowance of 2 days either side of rental extra for return freight

Rates for a 10-day hire:
Easi PAT 10$350+GST
Alpha PAT$500+GST
Alpha SupaPAT$750+GST (with your logo loaded to the printer and a roll tags)
IPAT SupaPAT$900+GST (with your logo loaded to the printer and a roll of dual time tags)


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