Multifunction Installation Testers

Sonel multifunction testers are available with just a few test options through to ones that will do more than everything!
If you need to do more, you will find these feature rich testers meet your needs. There are models that can store data and if you are working in harsh environments then these testers will make the grade.
Multiple test function instruments are ideal for those who have a varied workload that requires them to be able to perform different types of tests at any given time. In some of our multifunction testers insulation resistance testing is up to 2.5KV and one also has a harmonics function. There is bound to be one to suit your requirements.

  • Multifunction Installation Testers

    • MPI-530 Multifunction Electrical Installation Meter WMGBMPI530

      $3,130.43 excluding GST
      $3,600.00 including GST
      MPI-530 meter is a multi-functional instrument for electric shock protection measurements including the option of various methods for measuring earthing and earthing resistance. Additionally the meter enables its user to analyse power supply parameters, records and displays them on its screen. The instrument automatically measures the insulation resistance in a socket and in 3 -,...
    • MPI-520 Multifunction Meter WMGBMPI520

      $2,428.57 excluding GST
      $2,792.86 including GST
      The MPI-520 multifunction meter is dedicated to perform diagnosis of electrical installation according to IEC 61557 standards. Digital meter MPI-520 is designed to measure impedance of a short cicuit loop also without triggering RCD, parameters of RCD, insulation resistance, earthing resistance, continuity and also for phase sequence testing. Furthermore to measure and logging of AC...
    • MPI-525 Multifunction Electrical Installation Meter WMGBMPI525

      $3,086.96 excluding GST
      $3,550.00 including GST
      Possible measurements Short-circuit loop measurement: impedance measurement with 23 A current (44 A phase-to-phase) – short-circuit resistor R=10, measurement range: 95…440 V, frequency 45…65 Hz, Short-circuit loop measurement with resolution 0,01, in distribution network without tiggering RCD (In30 mA): automatic calculation of short-circuit, detection of phase voltage and phase-to-phase voltage, additional UNI-Schuko plug for automatic...
    • MPI-505 Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter WMGBMPI505

      Measurement of short-circuit loop parameters: in L-PE, L-N, L-L circuits as well as in L-PE (RCD) circuits – without tripping RCD breakers of current 30 mA. impedance measurement of short-circuit loops in power networks of nominal voltages: 115/200 V, 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V and frequencies in the range of 4565 Hz.. Testing of...
    • MPI-502 Multifunction Electrical Installation Meter WMGBMPI502

      $1,243.48 excluding GST
      $1,430.00 including GST
      Short circuit loop parameters measurements: measurements of short circuit loop impedance in networks with rated voltage: 220/380 V, 230 V/400 V, 240/415 V and frequency 45…65 Hz, measurements of short circuit loop impedance with current 15 mA without tripping the circuit breaker. Testing the RCD breakers of AC, A types: testing of prompt, short-delay (general)...