Cable Location Equipment

Cable location equipment can be used to locate energised cable or even non live items such as pipes or where a wire runs through a wall.

Sonel have a range of equipment that will trace where things are located whether this is in a live or non live situation. In this situation a transmitter is fitted to an already located part the object that is not live to enable its location to be traced.

  • Cable Location Equipment

    • LKZ720 Wires and Pipe Locator

      $1,524.23 excluding GST
      $1,752.87 including GST
      Detection of wires and cables (live or not) detection of cables in ceilings, walls and floors, detection of breaks in cables, tracing cables in building installation, locating power points and switches in buildings, locating short circuits between leads, tracing shielded cables, tracing cables in metal ducts. Identification of fuses on the distribution board. Tracing underground...
    • LKZ1500 Wires And Pipe Locator

      $7,779.66 excluding GST
      $8,946.61 including GST
      The LKZ-1500 set for underground utility localization, consisting of a transmitter and receiver, allows you to locate, identify and track the route of buried objects in the ground, such as: power and control cables, data and telecommunications cables, underground lighting and cathodic protection systems, water and sewage installations, fuel and transmission installations: gas and other...
    • LKZ1000 Wires And Pipe Locator WMXXLKZ1000

      $4,054.07 excluding GST
      $4,662.18 including GST
      Passive or active modes of tracing. Detection of underground live wires. Detection of underground wires with no voltage (radio mode). Detection of underground wires with no voltage using a transmitter (galvanised, inductive or clamp-based connection). Tracing metallic or non-conductive pipes using an additional probe. Tracing non-conductive pipelines using a “floating” probe. Tracing a determined cable....
    • LKZ2000 Wires And Pipe Locator WMXXLKZ2000

      $15,870.50 excluding GST
      $18,251.08 including GST
      Easily locate cables and pipes with pinpoint accuracy. The complexity of large underground utilities networks is continually increasing. So obtaining precise information on the location of specific buried cables and pipes has never been so important in order to protect burried assets during ground excavation work and supporting the mapping and surveying of these existing...
    • TDR-410 TDR – Time-Domain Reflectometer

      $1,846.95 excluding GST
      $2,123.99 including GST
      Location damaged power cables. Fault location copper telecom cables. Coaxial cable fault location. Fault location wiring infrastructure. Detection of breaks, short circuits, damage caused by dampness and other changes in impedance of the cable. Graphic depiction of damage the cable with automatic indication the distance to fault on the screen. Specifications Features: automatic or manual...
    • LKZ700 Wire Tracer

      Wire tracer LKZ-700 is designed for detecting of cables and conductors in various environments (concrete, brick, wood, ground) being under voltege, without the need to disconnect any devices from tested network, as well as in non-voltage environments. The range of instrument application is very wide and the most common applications are as follows: detection of...