Electrical Instruments

Metrotest, partnering with Sonel, brings to the Pacific region leading edge, technologically advanced test and measurement equipment with the latest user friendly and advanced functional abilities on all instruments. Together working with the needs of our local customers we strive to bring innovation and exceptional performance across our entire range of test and measurement instruments.

Full after sales support, including factory trained staff capable of providing repairs and calibrations, are available locally on top of the factory support team.

  • Electrical InstrumentsElectrical Instruments

    • Insulation Testers (500V/1000W)

      Insulation Testers (500V/1000W)

      Insulation resistance testers provide evidence to show the condition of the insulation in a building or electrical equipment. Rapid deterioration of insulation and poor insulation resistance are found via pressuring the insulation. Bad insulation resistance in electrical equipment and systems could lead to an electric shock hazard or to fires and product failure.

      Insulation resistance testing is often referred to in the industry as ‘meggering’ the word originating from the ‘Megger brand’. Single phase equipment and systems will usually have a voltage of 250/500 volts DC applied between earth and live conductors. 3 Phase is normally tested at 1000V DC.

      Sonel insulation resistance meters are packed with advanced features, many with a memory function, making analysing and fault finding easy.

    • Loop Testers

      Loop Testers

      Loop testers are used to ensure that protective devices (fuses, circuit breakers etc) operate effectively proving that in a real electrical fault situation that protection devices operate correctly ensuring power is removed from the circuit quickly making for a no harm situation.
      Sonel have a full range of short circuit loop impedance meters designed not to trip RCDs from standalone loop testers to loop testers combined with additional test functions and multifunction instruments that combine all necessary testers into one unit.

    • Clamps and Digital Multimeters

      Clamps and Digital Multimeters


      Multimeters are available everywhere. Some are of good quality, others may be of poor quality and expensive.
      We only offer two quality meters, both represent excellent overall value and we guarantee these will meet all the ‘specs on the box’.
      One is suited for general electrical use and the other is a high spec meter where more features are required. Both are proven quality meters.

      Clamp Meters

      Sonel have a range of clamp meters designed to fit the needs of most people from the basic through to TRMS meters available with AC/DC current up to 1000 Amps.
      If you are trying to measure leakage current we also have the solution.

    • RCD Testers

      RCD Testers

      RCD Testers

      AS/NZS3760 requires RCDs to be tested including where necessary fixed RCDs.

      An RCD (Residual Current Device) is basically a very quick switch that operates if an item it supplies with electricity becomes unsafe. RCDs are everywhere now so it is common for PATs to have an RCD tester in-built – you can still buy stand alone RCD testers and PATs that do not have an RCD built- in.

      It is unlikely that people testing will not need an RCD tester so when purchasing a new PAT it obviously makes sense to add this in.

      As a minimum an RCD tester must measure trip time ie disconnect time when they are tested at the rated trip current.  This will be in milliseconds – I second = 1000 milliseconds. Commonly they will disconnect or trip in less than 25 milliseconds hence the need for a very accurate measuring device.

    • Cable Location Equipment

      Cable Location Equipment

      Cable location equipment can be used to locate energised cable or even non live items such as pipes or where a wire runs through a wall.

      Sonel have a range of equipment that will trace where things are located whether this is in a live or non live situation. In this situation a transmitter is fitted to an already located part the object that is not live to enable its location to be traced.

    • High Voltage Insulation Testers

      High Voltage Insulation Testers

      High Voltage Insulation Testers
      Where an installation involves high voltages the potential for electrical leakage increases which will be caused by insulation breakdown. To adequately test high voltage installations the insulation should be checked at equal or normally a higher voltage.

      Sonel have a full range of insulation resistance testers that can test from 2500 Volts upwards, advanced features include amongst other things a ramp test, adjustable test times and temperature of device being tested, which will affect the insulation resistance or leakage values of items being tested. On-board logging of data and data transfer is also available.

    • Power Quality Analysers

      Power Quality Analysers

      How good is your power? Test with our analysers.

    • Multifunction Installation Testers

      Multifunction Installation Testers

      Sonel multifunction testers are available with just a few test options through to ones that will do more than everything!
      If you need to do more, you will find these feature rich testers meet your needs. There are models that can store data and if you are working in harsh environments then these testers will make the grade.
      Multiple test function instruments are ideal for those who have a varied workload that requires them to be able to perform different types of tests at any given time. In some of our multifunction testers insulation resistance testing is up to 2.5KV and one also has a harmonics function. There is bound to be one to suit your requirements.

    • Low Resistance Meters

      Low Resistance Meters

      Low resistance meters, also known as Mirco-Ohmmeters, are portable instruments for measuring very low resistances. These devices are able to measure low resistance values at specific currents with high accuracy and are used for contact and bonding applications.