Test Results in Software and on Tags

There are many options available for software to download, save, organise, export and report on tests that have been done there are both PAT instrument manufacturers software and generic brands of software.  The manufacturers software will download their brand of PATs, however generic software will download many different PATs which is useful if you have several different brands of PATs.

There are now also printing formats available on PATs which will print the test results directly on to a tough test tag (in a design so that the tag is still small).

  • Software

    • SimplyPATS Version 7

      $375.00 excluding GST
      $431.25$801.55 Including GST
      Simply PATS Version 7 PAT Testing Software is an easy to use and very comprehensive software which can communicate with all downloadable PAT testers sold by Metrotest. All test results are downloaded on to the software which can be easily managed saving you time and money. Simply PATS Version 7 has an invoicing system which...
    • PATLink Pro/ PATLink Pro Plus

      PATLink Pro is an advanced, user friendly software package designed with the portable appliance testing technician in mind. The graphical interface with drag and drop appliance relocation, data filtering, data archiving functions and automatic reporting generation allows a variety of users with a range of different skills and abilities to create professional reports which include...
    • CG2 Easy Logo Utility Kit

      This software allows users of the CG2 thermal transfer printer to change and upload different logos to their printer (printers are sold with the purchasing company’s logo already loaded). This is extremely useful if you are sharing a printer between two or more sites and want to have a different logo or contact details for...
    • Sonel PAT Plus WAPROSONPAT2

      Sonel PAT plus software is designed for companies carrying out testing of portable electrical appliances. It is ideal solution for big industrial companies, hospitals, rent and service of electrical appliances etc. Sonel PAT plus communicates with PAT-810, 815, 820 and iPAT testers. All data saved in tester memory are transferred automatically to proper tables and...