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Welcome to the new Metrotest website! We have just finishing rebuilding our website and are happy to present to you all our hard work. Our new website has a range of new features as well as information to help you with anything you...Read More

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There are risks and hazards everywhere in life, some are obvious and can be easily seen and others require more investigation to reduce the risk and remove or at least minimise the risk. When it comes to electricity you cannot see it and...Read More


To keep your test equipment working and giving accurate readings you will need to get a calibration check routinely.  We may need to dismantle equipment for this, but often this is not required. Since the tester has been sent to us for calibration...Read More

Appliance Tester Calibration

A test instrument, for calibration purposes, could be likened to a piano getting tuned. There are two parts to the process; first the tuner will check the individual keys are in tune and if not, then each will be adjusted to be ‘in...Read More


Repairs We have two facilities set up in New Zealand to repair test equipment that we have supplied.  Many people ‘sell’ test equipment, but few repair what they sell, but don’t worry even if your tester was not bought from us often we...Read More