Our New Online Courses are Live

As I am sure you know Metrotest have carried out Test and Tag Competency Training Courses all over New Zealand and Australia for a very long time and in recent years have also offered an online refresher course. Some people may not agree...Read More

The Benefits of Metrotest’s PAT Services

Does the business you run depend on Portable Appliance Testing? Are test and tag services a key element of your operations? If this is the case, you should ensure that you have a reliable PAT tester. This way, your income will be unaffected,...Read More

A Short Guide to PAT Calibration Services

Every now and then, businesses and companies need to have their electrical equipment tested for safety. This way, both customers and the employees of a company are protected from harm or accidents caused by a faulty device. Some of the common hazards brought...Read More

Need To Calibrate Your Appliance Tester?

When I trained as an electrical apprentice in the 70s most test instruments were analogue and there were few of them; compared to what’s in an average sparky or techs tool case today. Back then, to be bluntly honest, very few Instruments ever...Read More

Level 3 Update: We Are Back In Business

Well hi everyone, The team at Metrotest hope you are all staying safe in your bubble, now let’s hope that as we’ve dropped to Level 3 life can start, be it slowly, to return to a more user friendly normal. We were classified...Read More