Testing and Tagging Commercial Spaces

Commercial testing and tagging services ensure that appliances are safe and ready to use in a commercial environment. New Zealand work safety standards outline requirements for companies to make sure their electrical appliances are safe. One solution is to test and tag your...Read More

What do Test and Tag Colours Mean?

Every time you get an appliance tested, It needs to be marked with one of the appropriate test and tag colours. Primarily there are just four colours used when testing and tagging in New Zealand. Red, green, blue, yellow are the main test...Read More

EV Charger Testing: The Tools for the Job

An EV Charging station, like any electrical appliance, needs testing to ensure they are working correctly and safely. As electric cars are rather expensive, any issue that may arise from a faulty charging station could result in costly damage to the fragile electronics...Read More

RCD vs PRCD: Why are they needed?

A portable RCD is an essential part of any testers kit for any test & tag job. But what are they and why are they so vital for testing and tagging electrical devices. More importantly, how do portable RCD differ from a regular...Read More