Need To Calibrate Your Appliance Tester?

When I trained as an electrical apprentice in the 70s most test instruments were analogue and there were few of them; compared to what’s in an average sparky or techs tool case today. Back then, to be bluntly honest, very few Instruments ever...Read More

Level 3 Update: We Are Back In Business

Well hi everyone, The team at Metrotest hope you are all staying safe in your bubble, now let’s hope that as we’ve dropped to Level 3 life can start, be it slowly, to return to a more user friendly normal. We were classified...Read More

What to look for in a Portable Appliance Tester

It is no secret that Metrotest believe in making sure you get the best tester for carrying out test and tag of appliances in the workplace. This is why we test and trial Portable appliance testers before we start selling them, over the...Read More

2020 Specials Start Now

Metrotest are having a stock blowout for March with some extremely reduced stock and huge trade in deals. GET IN QUICK BEFORE WE SELL OUT! The MetroEasiPAT 2 normally $1490+GST ($1713.35) NOW JUST $999+GST PRCD (portable Residual Current Device) testing Powered up...Read More