How To Locate Wires With The Sonel LKZ 720

Have you ever wondered if you can find out where wires are behind a wall, maybe before drilling on doing work on the wall? Well, you actually can! Wire locating equipment is available and able to give exactly that information, plus a lot...Read More

5 Things You Must Know About Test And Tag Services

Not many people know about the details when it comes to electrical testing and tagging. What is actually tested? How is it tested? Who is doing the testing? Electrical appliances are not things to be played with and take risks, and can cause...Read More

Testimonial From The Team At Window Treatments

We recently received another testimonial from the team at Window Treatments. They wrote: “I would like to say it has been great experience to deal with yourself (Linton) and Bunny and the company as a whole. The equipment you have provided including the...Read More

Testimonial From A Fellow Test And Tagger

We received another testimonial from a fellow test and tagger, this time it was from Mark at CAC Electrical Tag Testing. It reads: Metrotest have proven to be, not only a professional and reliable company over the last 4 years we have used...Read More