RCD vs PRCD: Why are they needed?

A portable RCD is an essential part of any testers kit for any test & tag job. But what are they and why are they so vital for testing and tagging electrical devices. More importantly, how do portable RCD differ from a regular...Read More

If You Don’t Test and Tag, You Take a Risk

Not everyone sees the importance to test and tag their appliances or other electric-powered equipment. This is most especially true when a piece of electrical equipment is relatively new. Unfortunately, this poses risks to everyone who gets access to an electric-powered tool or...Read More

Fieldays Special – EasiPAT 10 + AS/NZS 3760

Do not miss the Metrotest fieldays special. Pick up a Sonel Metro EasiPAT 10 + bonus online AS/NZS 3760 competency training for $1490 + GST. This amazing fully functioned portable appliance tester is the next step in doing it yourself. The Sonel Metro...Read More

Voltage Testers, Which One Do I Need?

Whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, or weekend warrior, having the proper voltage testers can make a big difference to your safety and the efficiency of your work. Essentially, a voltage tester helps you determine whether current flows into a piece of equipment. If...Read More