MacBook Pro Battery Recalled Over Fire Risk

Apple has recently rolled out a recall program for batteries in some older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units. The tech giant explains that these batteries are prone to overheating and pose a fire safety risk. In a statement issued on June 21st, Apple...Read More

Fieldays 2019 – Will You Be There?

If you are in Hamilton for the Fieldays at Mystery Creek 2019, call into the ‘town and country’ marquee, site 180. Some might wonder why New Zealand’s oldest nationwide electrical safety company would be exhibiting at a ‘farming show’. To put it simply,...Read More

Noncompliant Test Tags

So our keen-eyed technicians spotted these noncompliant tags during a visit to a new client’s business place. Can you guess what’s wrong with them? Test tags serve as the record of an appliance testing. They are as important as the testing inspection itself....Read More

PAT Servicing

Like cars, portable appliance testing (PAT) devices need preventive maintenance and calibration to ensure top performance. A faulty car may still run, but it may not be safe to drive in. Similarly, a faulty tester may still work, but it may pass items...Read More

Test and Tag Equipment

There are different tools used in the testing of electrical equipment and appliances. Here are some of the commonly used ones. Clamp meters This is a fairly easy to use test tool for measuring current. It combines a basic digital multimeter with a...Read More