It’s The Perfect Time To Test And Tag In Auckland!

The new year has just begun and business is getting back underway. This is the perfect time to make sure you have everything sorted for the coming year. Which includes test and tagging your electrical appliances. Getting your appliances tested and tagged will...Read More

Earth Leakage Testing

Put simply, earth leakage or ground leakage is electric current that “leaks” to earth or ground via an unintended conductive path – usually through the insulation. When this occurs, a live phase comes in contact with the ground, creating a fault current that’s...Read More

Metrotest Will Be Joining the Auckland Build 2018 Expo!

Auckland Build is New Zealand’s largest gathering of professionals from the construction, architecture, design and facilities management sectors. These include builders, architects, contracts manager, financiers, consultants, suppliers, developers, government and other key players in the industry. For 2018, the organisers of the event,...Read More

PAT Tester Comparisons

Are you interested to know which PAT tester is the one you need? When selecting a PAT tester, it can be difficult to know which has which features, which features you actually need, and how they compare price wise. We have made this...Read More