You’re Invited To Meet Metrotest At Facilities Integrate

Every year, all the major players in the facilities management and system integration industries in New Zealand gather in one place. Facilities Integrate is a trade exhibition for architects, building operators, electrical service contractors, electrical engineers, property developers, system designer, facility managers, installers...Read More

How Was The Test And Tag Training Course?

If you are considering taking our test and tag training course, you will no doubt have some questions as to what you will learn, what you can expect and whether it’s worth it. While we can answer those questions for you, it would...Read More

AlphaPAT Mi2142 Review

The AlphaPAT Mi2142 is by far the best portable appliance tester (PAT) Metrel has ever made. It’s been a top seller in the UK, NZ & Australian markets since 2004. Although time moves forward and it has much newer competition today, it remains...Read More

Who Can Test and Tag Electrical Equipment?

Although test and tag procedure is not mandatory in New Zealand, it is a useful way for employers to meet the legal requirement of ensuring the safety of all plug-in electrical equipment. Testing and tagging involves two parts: first is a visual inspection...Read More

AS/NZ3760:2010 Test and Tag Training Course

Anyone can test and tag portable electrical equipment given that they have undertaken the required competency training and qualification as per AS/NZS 3670:2010. This means you don’t need to be a registered electrician to legally inspect electrical appliances. What is AS/NZS 3760:2010? This...Read More

Test and Tag Frequency in NZ

Working near electricity or using electrical appliances is dangerous, and accidents such as electrocution or arc flashes can lead to fatal consequences. To ensure a safe workplace, employers are obligated to have electrical appliances on site inspected and labelled properly. As per standards...Read More