2020 Specials Start Now

Metrotest are having a stock blowout for March with some extremely reduced stock and huge trade in deals. GET IN QUICK BEFORE WE SELL OUT! The MetroEasiPAT 2 normally $1490+GST ($1713.35) NOW JUST $999+GST https://www.metrotest.co.nz/product/sonel-easipat-2/ PRCD (portable Residual Current Device) testing Powered up...Read More

PAT Tester With Printer

Are you looking for the best Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) in the market? Do you want to do the testing yourself? At Metrotest Electrical Safety, you not only find products to purchase, you can also get training to go with them you’re guided...Read More

Test and Tag Equipment Suppliers

Metrotest is your industry professional partner in product supply and training. Metrotest is the leader in test and tag equipment. They have the latest products and services when it comes to testing and tagging. Here are 5 of the most in-demand test and...Read More

Visit Metrotest at Field Days

Visit Metrotest at Fieldays. 10 – 13 June, 2020.  Fieldays is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agricultural event! Field Days is the biggest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere. It is where people and organizations launch cutting edge technology and innovation. From towns folks...Read More

What Is the Difference Between RCD and PRCD?

Electricity powers the things we use in our day to day lives and is all around us. It powers our lights, electric stoves, computers, televisions, and even the internet. Electricity is a type of energy that results from charged particles like an electron...Read More