Level 3 Update: We Are Back In Business

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Level 3 Update: We Are Back In Business

Well hi everyone,

The team at Metrotest hope you are all staying safe in your bubble, now let’s hope that as we’ve dropped to Level 3 life can start, be it slowly, to return to a more user friendly normal.

We were classified as an essential service; however this was irrelevant as just about everything was shut, we did however help with a few urgent DHB requests and were able to keep them working.

Moving forwards Metrotest is available, as before, to do all we were doing pre Convid-19.

For our NZ wide Test and Tag Service

Changes currently are that we seem to be locked out of government organisations (varies between region) and many universities; even though now is a perfect time to test as few staff are on these premises.
This means for our clients, both new and existing, that now is a perfect opportunity to get testing done as we can most likely start immediately and for many of you, your own workplaces will be less staffed making testing less disruptive.

We are very keen to get our Techs back working in a safe and secure manner so if you need testing done talk to us as we can offer some incentives at the moment, likely more than normal, so call and talk to Brent our National Testing Manager.

For NZ wide Training of Competent People for Test and Tag

During the Level 4 Lockdown and in Level 3 no face to face training has occurred. In Level 2 this will restart and is provisionally scheduled to start back again at the beginning of June, we don’t see it as likely to be put back, but depending on Government decisions, this is still possible and this is why we have said ‘provisionally starting’.
Training will be more controlled and numbers kept down to enable social distancing criteria.
Now is a good time to start booking this as demand from those wanting to do their own testing is increasing due to various Convid-19 related reasons and restrictions.
Please feel free to contact us directly if there is urgency around your training and we will endeavour to find a suitable solution for you.

Pat Calibrations and Repairs

Our Service Department is up and running again and able to perform calibrations on all PAT brands and most other test instruments.
Currently turnaround times are very quick, but we are expecting this to change so if you do not need to use a tester right now and it needs calibration shortly then send it in.
Just a reminder on repairs; we service and repair everything we sell as well as equipment which we did not sell, which is unusual amongst our competition; it is very rare for any repairs to go back to the manufacturer from us.
We also get quite a lot of ‘ too hard ‘ repairs from various Australian organisations …. not sure what that says!
One last thing if you are sending a PAT in for Calibration ask us about the MEDCAL which costs a little more than a standard calibration, but the PAT gets a service as well, think of it as preventative maintenance.

Labels / Tags and Consumables

Custom printed tough Labels and Tags are in high demand since we have reopened under Level 3, fortunately we have just received our latest bulk stock order, so stocks are currently readily available.
If you are ordering, please don’t leave it to the last minute as courier companies seem to be understandably having their issues like the rest of New Zealand.

Summing up

We should be able to help you with anything you need and also the item I didn’t mention which is very important which is Technical Support.
Any testing questions or concerns you have please give us a call.

Also please check our website for the latest super specials.

Happy testing and stay safe

The Metrotest Team