Electrical Safety Providers in New Zealand

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Electrical Safety Providers in New Zealand

Electrical safety is something that is not fully clear in New Zealand. Nobody really knows the rules and what rules there are can be difficult to understand. When it comes to providing electrical safety, it can be really hard to tell the difference between who is really focused on safety and who is just trying to make a buck.

When it comes to safety courses and licenses, there is a huge range of options which can get tricky to filter through. Electrical license providers are schools which train people into becoming qualified and registered electricians. Electrical safety course provides teach people how to safely inspect, test and tag electrical appliances and equipment.

What is the difference between “Electrical safety course providers” and “Electrical licence providers”?

Electrical Licence Providers

Electrical Licence Providers specialise in training electrical workers and getting them registered (with the EWRB, Electrical Workers Registration Board) as electricians or other registered electrical trades in New Zealand. These are schools that offer indepth training and apprenticeships over several years for people who are looking to make a career in an electrical field. Schools include:

Electrical Safety Course Providers

With electrical safety courses, the focus is to teach you all the aspects of electrical safety without the need to become a qualified electrician which could take years. Electrical safety courses allow you to become a legally competent individual in a short space of time, able to carry out appliance test and tagging correctly.  There are a wide range of courses available, covering different areas of electrical safety, including:

  • AS/NZ3760:2010 Test And Tag Training Course – This course is the fundamentals of electrical safety and test and tagging, and is the first course you should take when getting into electrical test and tag. It covers all the basics of keeping safe around electrical appliances, how to inspect them and how to correctly use a Portable Appliance Tester to test all appliance types for safety.
  • AS/NZS3551 Medical Equipment Test And Tag Training – This course is a more demanding course than the standard test and tag course and is based around the requirements of the AS/NZS3551 Standard. This course will teach you how to medical electrical equipment such as hospital, doctors or dental surgery equipment, and is also useful for people who hire out this equipment.
  • Electrical Workers Registration Board Refresher Course – This course is for those who the EWRB have issued Electrical Registration to, but still require a Practicing Licence. This will normally be those doing prescribed electrical work as defined under the Electrical Regulations.
  • AS/NZ3760:2010 Online Training Course – Covering the same material as the AS/NZ3760:2010 course, this let’s you complete the course online.
  • Product Training Course – This course provides training for all products related to test and tag including PATs, printers, software and more. If you have just purchased a piece of electrical testing equipment and need to learn how to correctly use it, this course is for you.

Getting qualified in electrical safety does not have to mean a long, drawn out process. Our courses will train you in electrical appliance safety quickly and cost effectively.