Introducing the MET20: Facial Recognition Scanner & Covid-19 Temperature Scanner

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Introducing the MET20: Facial Recognition Scanner & Covid-19 Temperature Scanner

Metrotest are pleased to announce the availability of a facial recognition scanner, complete with a covid temperature scanner.

The MET20 Facial scanner is an all-in-one Facial recognition and Temperature scanner with the ability to provide access control and staff attendance details. In the case of the workplace, the MET20 can allow access to authorised individuals and/or prevent those with a dangerous fever from entering. Thereby protecting others from the spread of diseases such as covid-19.

Facial Recognition Scanner Security benefits

This amazing little unit uses thermal imaging along with artificial intelligence assisted facial recognition software to accurately record body temperature as well as control door entry.

This is an ideal device that can be used in a wide range of environments and applications. Such as in areas where the management of people’s movement is important for security reasons. The exit and entrances of the following may benefit from a system that does not require easily lost or stolen keycards:

  • Schools and Universities 
  • Factories and industrial manufacturing
  • Healthcare environments such as hospitals and research laboratories
  • Offices
  • Research and development

Increased security can help protect the sensitive information, expensive equipment, or the spread of viruses to the sometimes large workforces.

Covid-19 Temperature Scanner for public safety

If security is not of importance, the MET20 can function solely as a covid-19 temperature scanner. Perfect for the entrances of shops and other areas frequented by visitors. Stopping the spread of the virus.

The MET20 Facial recognition and covid-19 temperature scanner is only active when a scan has been completed and uploaded. Meaning, it does not passively scan those simply walking past. So, no need to worry about big brother!

Available from $1490+GST per unit these are an amazing addition to any work site and help to keep everyone safe, while providing excellent security. Contact us online or visit our store for more details.