If You Don’t Test and Tag, You Take a Risk

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If You Don’t Test and Tag, You Take a Risk


Not everyone sees the importance to test and tag their appliances or other electric-powered equipment. This is most especially true when a piece of electrical equipment is relatively new. Unfortunately, this poses risks to everyone who gets access to an electric-powered tool or appliance. However, we believe that it’s crucial to perform regular appliance testing and tagging, no matter how old or new an item is.

After all, no one wants to experience electric shock or other potential mishaps with a faulty appliance. To give you a more precise grasp on the importance of testing and tagging, here are the usual risks that come with a defective piece of electrical equipment.


#1. Increased risk for electrical shock

If you work in a cramped space and your appliance or equipment develops an electrical fault, it becomes difficult to avoid or prevent electrical shock. Unfortunately, an electrical shock can cause the following effects on the body:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Nervous system malfunction
  • Burns
  • Increased risk for developing eye cataract

#2. Faulty appliances can cause damages

Without conducting regular testing and tagging, some of your electrical equipment becomes increasingly vulnerable to damage. It can also cause damages to your property. Below are some examples of potential problems that you might have to deal with if you have faulty equipment:


  • Fire damage – Fire damages are perhaps the most dangerous outcome of having a defective piece of electrical equipment. The electrical short spark can cause the appliance to go up in flames. It can also affect flammable materials inside the property like wallpaper, insulation, cabinetry, and curtains.
  • Physical damage – When an appliance starts acting up, it can cause physical damage to itself, the outlets, switches, and other components of your electrical system.
  • Damage to the surge protector – Each electrical equipment comes with microprocessors that detect power surges (electrical supply fluctuations, lightning storms, etc.). Unfortunately, if you don’t get your appliance tested and tagged, you may not be aware of potential problems resulting in damage to your surge protectors. This could potentially decrease its lifespan because it has less protection from power surges.

#3. Increased difficulty in managing risks in workplaces and homes

When you’re not sure about the integrity or safety of an appliance or a piece of electrical equipment, you become increasingly wary of the risks involved. This makes it hard to work around the devices. It also adds to your responsibilities and duties.


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We can’t emphasize enough the value of getting your devices tested and tagged. It’s a simple process that gives you peace of mind knowing that your electrical equipment works without a glitch. As long as you have the competencies to test and tag, you can handle the task on your own. Alternatively, you can call in a third party to carry out the job for you.

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