Fieldays 2019 – Will You Be There?

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Fieldays 2019 – Will You Be There?

If you are in Hamilton for the Fieldays at Mystery Creek 2019, call into the ‘town and country’ marquee, site 180.

Some might wonder why New Zealand’s oldest nationwide electrical safety company would be exhibiting at a ‘farming show’. To put it simply, electricity does not discriminate against anyone – town and country people still get electric shocks and can still die as a result.  Electricity is silent and can be deadly. When you think about it, the typical non-farm workplace accident will usually happen to employees whereas farm accidents, in our case electric shock or worse electrocution, is more likely to involve close family members. Either way regardless someone and their family are effected.

Electric shocks can be fatal so whether it is at the bank, hotel, school, factory or farm we want to help make a difference. Many farms and older business may have a lot of gear, be it guns, tractors or tools, so how do you know what is electrically safe? When it comes to electrical safety, age can increase the likelihood of something becoming unsafe, however even newish equipment may actually hide deadly unseen secret defects.

Metrotest, which started on a rural property in Okaramio Marlborough, operate a nationwide electrical safety service for businesses in town but have a solution for farms and rural businesses too. This solution won’t cost you a fortune and will remove the ‘safe or unsafe?’ gamble you might be having, so call in and see us. We have free, expert advice from people in the know and there will also be people who live in the rural community at our stand – our managing Director has a 300 Acre property in Marlborough, so we know town and country and the differences between them! In today’s world much emphasis is placed on compliance, however at Metrotest we believe that safety is the primary key rather than just compliance, that is why the solutions and products that we supply are different from our competitors. Safety protects you whereas compliance is a tick in the a box – don’t be a compliance box ticker when it costs the same to tick the safety box as well. Remember the lives of family, friends, neighbours and workmates are on the line.

We can make your place much more electrically safe by showing you how to check for faults in electrical equipment, testing tools and equipment or testing electrical safety switches (RCD’S) and just knowing what to look for that might indicate warning signs. If you have a lot of buried cables then a cable locator might be worth keeping next to the digger!

Call in for a chat and also go into the draw to win your own ‘Farm Electrical  Safety Package’, worth up to $4,000.

The Farm Electrical Safety Package Giveaway will include:

  • EasiPAT 10 PAT tester + hard carry case
  • Competency training course (test and tag)
  • 4 X rolls of Tiny Test Tags
  • CEM RCD tester
  • Metrel Digital Multi Meter
  • Safety tag removal tool

A total value of over $4000!