EV Charger Testing: The Tools for the Job

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EV Charger Testing: The Tools for the Job

An EV Charging station, like any electrical appliance, needs testing to ensure they are working correctly and safely. As electric cars are rather expensive, any issue that may arise from a faulty charging station could result in costly damage to the fragile electronics and batteries that power your EV.

How does EV charger testing work?

In order to properly carry out EV charging station testing one needs to be able to simulate the typical load conditions experienced by the charger. This tricks the charger into believing it is charging an EV while you carry out your testing.

Types of EV Charging station testers

Here at Metrotest we have a wide selection of testers fit for a variety of jobs. With EV charging station testing currently booming we thought we should outline some of our favourites.


The MPI-540 multifunction electrical installations meter is a go to choice for testing home appliances. But did you know it is the perfect tool for testing EV charging stations? This device allows for a truly straight forward testing experience, and can as mentioned be used for a variety of other tests. This makes it a must pick for anyone looking for a universal work horse.


The EVSE-01 is an adapter designed for use with your multifunction electrical installations meter. Allowing you to easily interface with any AC electric vehicle charging stations with a type 2 connector. The EVSE-01 can also perform tests for both 1-phase and 3-phase stations. 

With 1 in 5 cars sold in New Zealand, September, 2021 were electric more people are installing chargers in their home than ever. Also it is recommended to test these chargers fairly regularly, as much as once every 12 months. If you need to expand your testing arsenal to account for EV charging stations check out our selection online so you don’t miss out on the action.