EMEX: NZ’s Largest Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Trade Show Happening This 5-7 May 2020

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EMEX: NZ’s Largest Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Trade Show Happening This 5-7 May 2020


Celebrating over 40 years of engineering excellence, Engineering, Machinery & Electronics Exhibition (EMEX), will again showcase great advances in technology in the manufacturing and engineering industry in a three-day event this coming 5 to 7 of May 2020 at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland.

As the largest manufacturing and engineering trade show in New Zealand, this year’s event will be exceptional as it will feature how far technology and innovation have come in New Zealand’s manufacturing and engineering sectors for over four decades. 

This years event will mark the incredible milestones of all the companies that have been with EMEX for over 40 years. Visitors can expect a lot from all exhibitors as they showcase and feature all the technological advances that they have achieved in all those years.  

Aside from showcasing advanced technologies on manufacturing and engineering industry, this year’s EMEX will also host leading keynote speakers, top-notch innovators and new-age thinkers which will make the event more exciting. 

Moreover, the event is expecting over 5,000 buyers who are on the lookout for the next product, service, and technology that will help them further enhance and improve their workplace and business operations.

Gone are the days of walkmans, fax machine, and the first cellphone that came in the market, that were now replaced with more innovative and advanced technology that made everyone’s life easier. With this kind of changes, the event will try to look back on all the products that we used in the past that has pioneered all the successful technology and innovation that we are all experiencing today. 

Aside from that, it will also look into the mind-blowing advances and changes in the future brought by the digital age. 

With all the exciting things that are line up in the event, everyone will surely get their time and money’s worth. 

Moreover, with over 40 years of innovations, thousands of buyers won’t be disappointed with the good line up of exhibitors that are ready to showcase their technologically advanced and innovative products and services. 

And one of the many exhibitors that will be joining the largest manufacturing and engineering trade show in New Zealand, is Metrotest Electrical Safety

Metrotest is one of the leading suppliers of electrical safety equipment and trusted training provider for electrical safety testing ‘competency’ in New Zealand and Australia.

About Metrotest

Most companies neglect the importance of having electrical safety tests in their workplace. That is why Metrotest found a solution of creating and designing their own electrical safety testing technology to help make every employee safe in the workplace. 

Not only that, they have also proven their credentials by being AS/NZS3760 Committee members on Standards New Zealand. They are accredited to provide electrical safety products and services such as: 

  • Competency training and assessment on electrical safety
  • Provide nationwide testing and tagging service
  • Provide training for AS/NZS3760 and AS/NZS3551/5761/5762 compliance
  • Provide training for Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB)
  • Direct import of many brands and testers

Metrotest is also one of the providers of a wide range of portable appliance testers in Australia and New Zealand. They also offer assessments on what you need when it comes to electrical safety. They can also do a full back up repair, calibrations, servicing, etc., so your business operations won’t be affected. 

With the aim of creating advanced and up to date technologies, products and services when it comes to electrical safety, Metrotest is a must-see and must-visit exhibitor in the upcoming EMEX manufacturing and engineering trade show. 

Come and see EMEX this 05 to 07 May 2020 and make sure to check out and visit Metrotest and see the best products and services when it comes to electrical safety. 

See you there!