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Test and Tag Competency Training – What You Need to Know

Every day we all use electrical appliances, from plugging in your phone charger to using the toaster. Electricity plays an integral part in our lives and that’s why it’s important to stay safe while using it. Every time you plug in the jug for a cuppa there is a risk of receiving an electric shock that could be life threatening. That’s why electrical safety is so important, so that you return home safely. Getting your electrical equipment test and tagged regularly ensures you’re doing your best at staying safe by taking all practicable steps to keep yourself, employees, and others safe.


How do you do this?  By carrying out testing and tagging of appliances, which, has never been easier! The process involves inspection and testing of appliances using a portable appliance tester, or better known as a PAT tester and there are many out there on the market for different needs.

While some companies decide to call in third-party testing services (which is another whole discussion in itself) more and more business are doing it themselves which may seem like a daunting task at first. However, purchasing test and tag equipment and having staff undergo test and tag competency training is a very cost-effective option that gives you the flexibility, and could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Test and Tag Competency Training

So, you want to get yourself or your staff trained, but you may be wondering where to go to get the training or what you need to do before you can get training? Well that’s easy you don’t need any previous electrical knowledge or an electrical background to do testing; you just have to be deemed a ‘competent person’ according to the ‘go to’ Standard AS/NZS3760, which details everything you need to know to test and tag safely and competently.

That’s what test and tag training providers are here for, to give expert training to make sure you are doing testing competently and comply with all the requirements. Whichever provider you choose a typical course will include:

  • How to stay safe when testing electrical appliances
  • Provides an understanding of the regulations surrounding testing, including competency requirements.
  • What electrical tests must be performed and in what order for different appliances.
  • How to practically test a range of appliances and equipment, with a hands on experience.
  • And much, much more.

However not all course providers are equal. Many providers are only interested in meeting the bare minimum of compliance to the Standard. Some training providers teach incorrect or misleading practices as shown by a New Zealand course provider in the example below. Metrotest have been training people for over 22 years in New Zealand and has provided training courses in Australia since 2004, going above and beyond compliance, to get real safety. While both New Zealand and Australia use the AS/NZS3760 Standard there are some minor differences that other less experienced companies can incorrectly confuse or mislead trainees on. It’s important to distinguish the differences and with our training you will know what is correct and incorrect because we show you from the standard.

You would be mistaken for thinking this is an Australian course, but this was on a New Zealand course. The provider has not differentiated between New Zealand and Australia. In New Zealand ‘New to Service’ equipment must be tested and tagged before being used in the workplace.


What to Bring to a Course?

Nothing, we can supply everything you need. Other training providers will tell you have to buy a tester before attending a course, but this may not be the best option. Too often here at Metrotest we see people buy a tester and it doesn’t meet their needs because the experts told them they need a portable appliance tester for the course. We believe this is a flawed philosophy.

Whatever tester setup you have we will make sure you are sorted.

While it is helpful to have your own tester, Metrotest can loan you one for the course and show you how to use it. You can arrive at a face to face course and see other testers others have brought to make sure you really get what you need, instead of a lemon. You will be able to pick the mind of our experienced expert trainers and others students about the pros and cons of a variety of testers.

Benefits of Undergoing Test and Tag Training Metrotest

There are multiple ways to sit a course. With Metrotest’s nationwide testing and training service we can provide training from real trainers that have actual testing experience anywhere in New Zealand, we can even come to your workplace. You will learn from those with experience that can give you the insights and best safety practices for carrying out test n tag. Plus of course you have on-going backup and support from people who are out in the ‘real’ world testing.


Generally, courses run for an entire day, but if you can’t spare the time or it’s a hassle to drive to a venue, an online course may be for you. Metrotest offers full online immersive testing courses broken into three levels (but not costing you more). You will get everything you would from attending a physical course. The best part of our online courses is the assessment. While other test and tag training providers will assess upwards of six students at a time online to save money, at Metrotest it will just be you and the trainer, one on one. While our trainers are experts we understand they are human and need your undivided attention when accessing you, to make sure you don’t miss anything. We even have an online PAT simulator which is used throughout our courses to make sure you are familiar with a tester if you need a loan sent to you for the assessment. You might be thinking online training isn’t for you and if you are unsure, why not try the first part of our three part course, our Bronze Course, which is available FREE! If you don’t like it then you have lost nothing! You may also be thinking I don’t have a computer, but Metrotest has got you covered because our courses are also mobile friendly.

Whether you are just wanting to dip your toes in or get the full immersion, Metrotest has an online course for you.

After completing the course, and passing your one on one individual assessment, you will get a certificate of completion deeming you a ‘competent person’ and will receive a photo ID, to make sure you are fully covered and no one can use your licence under your name.

And that’s it! You will be ready to start testing safely, but we don’t just stop there. Metrotest will support you every step of the way after your training and if you have any issues testing we are here to back you up with our expert support; so you can have peace of mind when you come across that appliance you are unsure about.

So what are you waiting for, enrol today with Metrotest and have complete satisfaction. Whatever your preferences and needs are, Metrotest, can provide a tailored course for you.



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The Benefits of Metrotest’s PAT Services

Does the business you run depend on Portable Appliance Testing? Are test and tag services a key element of your operations? If this is the case, you should ensure that you have a reliable PAT tester. This way, your income will be unaffected, and you will keep your customers safe by checking their equipment.

Tag and Test services feature visual inspections of leads and equipment to find out what condition they are in. A PAT (Portable Appliance Tester) is a device used to carry out more detailed inspections, to verify the safety of this equipment for business or personal use. The majority of issues can be identified by visual inspection. Nonetheless, other kinds of issues are only discoverable by specialized tests.

The Benefits of Metrotest’s Services

Metrotest provides PAT repair and maintenance services. We carry out a regular yearly service, and calibration and repairs when needed. We offer a cost effective, quick calibration service on Sonel and Metrel Calibrators, and – if you can not manage without a tester while yours is being checked – we can arrange portable appliance tester rentals.

We prioritize safety above all else, and we know that most other people do too – which is why they want their electrical tools and appliances tested. Needless to say, you are required by law to do this in a professional environment. A Tag and Test professional can carry out the testing to make sure your tools and equipment are completely safe. A professional has the correct type of Portable Appliance Tester for tagging and testing. Also, he can use the testing equipment correctly, and accurately diagnose and interpret test data.

PAT Calibration Services

Our calibration services verify the accuracy of readings produced by Portable Appliance Testers. Testing equipment needs checking regularly for calibration, if it is out of spec. Then, it needs to be adjusted to bring it back into spec, before being marked as safe.

Frequent Service

Frequent service allows us to stop future malfunctions and breakdowns. We maintain your appliances and equipment, and carry out regular checks to prevent future issues.

PAT Repair Services

We tag and test, then fix tools and appliances that are malfunctioning. All our customers can access these services. We can help you maintain and care for your electrical tools.

We Handle Your PAT Requirements!

While PAT testing isn’t mandatory in New Zealand, employers are still required by law to maintain their their electrical tools and appliances, to avoid danger. All employers ought to consider how frequently their equipment is used, and what people are using it for.

If, over the course of an electrical inspection, it is evident that a non electrical danger exists – which might cause problems for the equipment operator or someone else – we inform you. We can help you address any issues highlighted during the tag and test procedure.

Metrotest should be your first port of call, if you require assistance with portable appliance tester repair. We offer an independent tag and test service, and – to stay independent and prevent any possible conflicts of interest – we WILL NOT perform repairs on any equipment that has failed, unless the customer requires this. Get in touch with us today, and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.