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EMEX: NZ’s Largest Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Trade Show Happening This 5-7 May 2020


Celebrating over 40 years of engineering excellence, Engineering, Machinery & Electronics Exhibition (EMEX), will again showcase great advances in technology in the manufacturing and engineering industry in a three-day event this coming 5 to 7 of May 2020 at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland.

As the largest manufacturing and engineering trade show in New Zealand, this year’s event will be exceptional as it will feature how far technology and innovation have come in New Zealand’s manufacturing and engineering sectors for over four decades. 

This years event will mark the incredible milestones of all the companies that have been with EMEX for over 40 years. Visitors can expect a lot from all exhibitors as they showcase and feature all the technological advances that they have achieved in all those years.  

Aside from showcasing advanced technologies on manufacturing and engineering industry, this year’s EMEX will also host leading keynote speakers, top-notch innovators and new-age thinkers which will make the event more exciting. 

Moreover, the event is expecting over 5,000 buyers who are on the lookout for the next product, service, and technology that will help them further enhance and improve their workplace and business operations.

Gone are the days of walkmans, fax machine, and the first cellphone that came in the market, that were now replaced with more innovative and advanced technology that made everyone’s life easier. With this kind of changes, the event will try to look back on all the products that we used in the past that has pioneered all the successful technology and innovation that we are all experiencing today. 

Aside from that, it will also look into the mind-blowing advances and changes in the future brought by the digital age. 

With all the exciting things that are line up in the event, everyone will surely get their time and money’s worth. 

Moreover, with over 40 years of innovations, thousands of buyers won’t be disappointed with the good line up of exhibitors that are ready to showcase their technologically advanced and innovative products and services. 

And one of the many exhibitors that will be joining the largest manufacturing and engineering trade show in New Zealand, is Metrotest Electrical Safety

Metrotest is one of the leading suppliers of electrical safety equipment and trusted training provider for electrical safety testing ‘competency’ in New Zealand and Australia.

About Metrotest

Most companies neglect the importance of having electrical safety tests in their workplace. That is why Metrotest found a solution of creating and designing their own electrical safety testing technology to help make every employee safe in the workplace. 

Not only that, they have also proven their credentials by being AS/NZS3760 Committee members on Standards New Zealand. They are accredited to provide electrical safety products and services such as: 

  • Competency training and assessment on electrical safety
  • Provide nationwide testing and tagging service
  • Provide training for AS/NZS3760 and AS/NZS3551/5761/5762 compliance
  • Provide training for Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB)
  • Direct import of many brands and testers

Metrotest is also one of the providers of a wide range of portable appliance testers in Australia and New Zealand. They also offer assessments on what you need when it comes to electrical safety. They can also do a full back up repair, calibrations, servicing, etc., so your business operations won’t be affected. 

With the aim of creating advanced and up to date technologies, products and services when it comes to electrical safety, Metrotest is a must-see and must-visit exhibitor in the upcoming EMEX manufacturing and engineering trade show. 

Come and see EMEX this 05 to 07 May 2020 and make sure to check out and visit Metrotest and see the best products and services when it comes to electrical safety. 

See you there!


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Visit Metrotest at Field Days

Visit Metrotest at Fieldays. 10 – 13 June, 2020.  Fieldays is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agricultural event!

Field Days is the biggest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere. It is where people and organizations launch cutting edge technology and innovation. From towns folks to foreigners from across the globe, Field Days veterans or first-time visitors, there’s an attraction for everybody.

Here’s how you can introduce your ideas at Field Days 2020:

  • Introduce your innovation into the market – national or international;
  • Meet a talented group of insightful industry experts; and
  • Collect vital data from your target market.

Field Days boasts of a $60,000 prize pool, prominent media coverage, an audience that’s interested in your innovation, and a platform where you can introduce products and ideas to a vast array of individuals, groups, and companies. Applications officially close on April 30, 2020.

New Zealand National Fieldays Society

Field Days is owned and run by New Zealand National Field Days Society, a local not-for-profit. The society was created in 1968 by several individuals who sought to promote the idea of a Town and Country show for farmers. The goal was to sponsor an event where farmers could meet and share innovations – both products and services – in farm machinery. In 1970, Field Days purchased its home at Mystery Creek, where future events were held.

Metrotest Provides Expert Advice On Electrical Safety & Test and Tag Technology

What Field Days Volunteers Do

Each year, hundreds of volunteers donate their talent and time to organize the largest agricultural event in the southern hemisphere. The group consists of members of the New Zealand Field Days Society and other volunteers who help run Field Days . They assist in hosting, parking, running information booths, driving courier vehicles, tractor pull, and site services, as well as event set up and breakdown.

The team consist of people with a myriad of skills who come from various backgrounds. They are passionate and highly committed, dedicated to the success of Field Days as they bring people from around the world to support the progress of New Zealand Agriculture. Whether you’re in food, farming, horticulture, equine, or viticulture, you’re welcome to become a Field Days team volunteer.

Note: Minimum age requirement to volunteer at Field Days is 18 years of age.

About Field Days

Field Days celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. They credit their volunteers for this milestone as they share their time, effort, and skills during the annual, 4-day event. In turn, the organization donates more than $100,000 dollars to local community groups and charities.

Field Days provide sponsors with the opportunity to partner with the organization in an event that brings together 133,000 people in just 4 days. Field Days creates the best platform for companies and individuals to launch agricultural products and services to New Zealand and across the globe.

The Field Days brand is sought after both in New Zealand and around the world. It has proven itself to be a super-effective branding and consumer engagement platform. Big brands and organizations have sponsored Field Days each year. This group includes XERO, Vodafone, ANZ, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and more.

What Field Days Provides to Participants

Field Days provide a platform for you to align your brand with a globally recognized brand. You can increase your credibility and put your business under the spotlight as you showcase products and services. Plus, you can meet your customers face to face and get feedback from them directly. Field Days also lets you connect with the community and interact with your customers one-on-one and face-to-face. You can also generate immediate sales.

The Field Days Innovation Awards is the number one launching pad for backyard inventors and start-up companies, including well-known manufacturers and distributors to connect and interact with the primary industries. Field Days brings agricultural innovators in the same location as corporate decision makers, investors, and media and creates the perfect platform to test your innovation in a venue where the audience is highly targeted for agriculture.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy at Field Days :

  • 125,000+ event visitors;
  • Extensive media coverage;
  • Exhibit at Field Days ;
  • Gain market insights;
  • $60,000 prize pool;
  • Validate your idea; and
  • Winners also gain access to the sought-after logo of the Category Awards to use in their promotion.


  • Grassroots Prototype focused on showcasing ideas;
  • Established Prototype recognizing product development;
  • Launch NZ for innovations ready to go to market; and
  • International for launching innovations globally.

Who Can Participate?

Innovators from the following industry sectors are encouraged to enter the Innovation Awards:

  • Dairy and dry stock farming;
  • Horticulture and viticulture;
  • Information and communication technology;
  • Cloud and mobile-based software;
  • Animal health and genetics;
  • Water and waste management;
  • Environment and clean tech;
  • Animal and farm management; and
  • Farm safety and leading research

Field Days Awards

  • Grassroots Prototype Award
  • Established Prototype Award
  • Launch NZ Award
  • International Award

Additional Sponsor Awards:

  • Vodafone Innovation in Technology Award
  • Amazon Webs Services Innovation in Data Award
  • James & Wells Innovation Award
  • Callaghan Innovation Award for Partnership & Collaboration
  • Gait International Innovation Award for Product Design and Scalability
  • Sprout Global Growth Award


“Field Days was AMAZING! If you are wanting to test or launch an AG based product there is no better place for you to exhibit. Field Days really put PICMI on the map and enabled us to gather feedback and meet potential customers. Don’t just think about applying to the Innovation Space – just do it!”

-Genevieve Griffin-George, founder of PICMI

Entering the Awards

The Field Days Innovation Awards offers you a high-profile promotion of your innovation that come with networking opportunities, useful advice, and exclusive support from some of the most respected organizations and companies in New Zealand. Whether you’re entering to launch a product or validate your invention with a highly targeted audience, the Field Days Innovation Awards is the best platform to take your innovation to the next level.

Note: Applications are now open and will close April 30, 2020.

Here are some of the highlights of the Field Days event:





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Fieldays 2019 – Will You Be There?

If you are in Hamilton for the Fieldays at Mystery Creek 2019, call into the ‘town and country’ marquee, site 180.

Some might wonder why New Zealand’s oldest nationwide electrical safety company would be exhibiting at a ‘farming show’. To put it simply, electricity does not discriminate against anyone – town and country people still get electric shocks and can still die as a result.  Electricity is silent and can be deadly. When you think about it, the typical non-farm workplace accident will usually happen to employees whereas farm accidents, in our case electric shock or worse electrocution, is more likely to involve close family members. Either way regardless someone and their family are effected.

Electric shocks can be fatal so whether it is at the bank, hotel, school, factory or farm we want to help make a difference. Many farms and older business may have a lot of gear, be it guns, tractors or tools, so how do you know what is electrically safe? When it comes to electrical safety, age can increase the likelihood of something becoming unsafe, however even newish equipment may actually hide deadly unseen secret defects.

Metrotest, which started on a rural property in Okaramio Marlborough, operate a nationwide electrical safety service for businesses in town but have a solution for farms and rural businesses too. This solution won’t cost you a fortune and will remove the ‘safe or unsafe?’ gamble you might be having, so call in and see us. We have free, expert advice from people in the know and there will also be people who live in the rural community at our stand – our managing Director has a 300 Acre property in Marlborough, so we know town and country and the differences between them! In today’s world much emphasis is placed on compliance, however at Metrotest we believe that safety is the primary key rather than just compliance, that is why the solutions and products that we supply are different from our competitors. Safety protects you whereas compliance is a tick in the a box – don’t be a compliance box ticker when it costs the same to tick the safety box as well. Remember the lives of family, friends, neighbours and workmates are on the line.

We can make your place much more electrically safe by showing you how to check for faults in electrical equipment, testing tools and equipment or testing electrical safety switches (RCD’S) and just knowing what to look for that might indicate warning signs. If you have a lot of buried cables then a cable locator might be worth keeping next to the digger!

Call in for a chat and also go into the draw to win your own ‘Farm Electrical  Safety Package’, worth up to $4,000.

The Farm Electrical Safety Package Giveaway will include:

  • EasiPAT 10 PAT tester + hard carry case
  • Competency training course (test and tag)
  • 4 X rolls of Tiny Test Tags
  • CEM RCD tester
  • Metrel Digital Multi Meter
  • Safety tag removal tool

A total value of over $4000!


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Metrotest Auckland Training Courses Coming Soon to North Shore

The New Year is just around the corner, and we have good news to get your 2019 off to a great start. We are happy to announce that, starting next year, we are going to run our training courses in the North Shore!

Metrotest is a reliable industry professional partner when it comes to electrical instrument supply and training. Our goal is to help as many people and companies as possible to minimize risks and hazards by obtaining competence and certification in testing and tagging electrical devices.

The decision to bring our electrical safety training courses in North Shore comes after seeing the growing need for compliance and workplace safety in the area.

Below are some of the training courses we offer:

Product Training Course

This course covers the proper and safe operation of electrical instruments like RCD testers, multimeters and portable appliance testers (PATs). It is an on-site, instructor-led workshop that teaches you how to use test and measurement devices. Expect to learn about the types of test instruments, routine maintenance tasks, preventive and predictive maintenance, and more.

You can book this training for your staff or yourself to ensure you get accurate readings and testing information every time.

AS/NZ 3760:2010 Training Course

Knowledge of applicable standards and regulations is important where electrical equipment testing is concerned. This course, also known as In-service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, covers correct and safe procedures in testing and tagging electrical items, according to class type, nature of use, etc. It also touches on regulatory requirements for record keeping, tagging information, etc.

Anyone can take this course. You do not need to be an electrically registered professional. So if you want yourself or your own in-house team to test and tag the electrical equipment in your office or workplace, you can have them take this training.

We offer an initial training course as well as a refresher training course.

AS/NZS 3551:2012 Training Course

The AS/NZS 3551 Standard outlines protocols and procedures for developing management programs for medical equipment. In this course, you will learn how to test and tag medical devices to ensure compliance with the Standard.

Head on over to our Training Courses page to learn more or to book your training! Or you may call us on 0800 638 768 (NZ) or 1800 789 973 (AU) if you wish to speak to a professional.

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Metrotest Will Be Joining the Auckland Build 2018 Expo!

Auckland Build is New Zealand’s largest gathering of professionals from the construction, architecture, design and facilities management sectors. These include builders, architects, contracts manager, financiers, consultants, suppliers, developers, government and other key players in the industry.

For 2018, the organisers of the event, Oliver Kinross Ltd, have prepared 4 industry-leading summits and conferences. There’s the Auckland Build Expo Conference, the Buildings and Facilities Management Summit, the BIM & Digital Construction Summit and the Women in Construction Summit, which are all free to join for attendees! Supported by over 200 exhibitors, 60 build partners and 90 senior speakers, this year’s show is going to be the grandest and biggest in its history. Thousands of attendees are expected to gather for the 2-day event – and the Metrotest team is going to be one of them!

This year’s theme will be built around: Women in Construction, the KiwiBuild house building programme, building management, smart technology, the cost to build in New Zealand, recruitment and training, and many more.

Among the important topics that will be discussed are:

  • Concrete and sustainability
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Ecolabels
  • Innovation in sustainable building materials
  • Why quality matters in NZ’ housing crisis
  • Ethical timber
  • Challenges women face within the construction industry
  • Initiatives and programs to increase female participation
  • Companies that are taking initiatives to increase diversity
  • Augmented and virtual reality (VR) in construction planning and visualization
  • BIM, VR and controlling
  • Opportunities and developments in Auckland
  • Buildings of the future
  • Design solutions for Auckland 2027
  • The coming revolution to buildings and homes

In addition to the live demonstrations, exhibitions and free conferences, we heard there will also be live music and a beer craft festival. So it will be a fun way to get the latest developments, trends and opportunities in the construction and design industry, as well as to add new important contacts to your networking list.

Opening times will be:

Thursday 8th November: 9:30AM – 6 PM
Friday 9th November: 9:30AM – 5 PM

Come and meet the Metrotest team on November 8th and 9th at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland! See you there!