A Short Guide to PAT Calibration Services

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A Short Guide to PAT Calibration Services

Every now and then, businesses and companies need to have their electrical equipment tested for safety. This way, both customers and the employees of a company are protected from harm or accidents caused by a faulty device. Some of the common hazards brought in by a defective equipment includes electrocution, fire and intermittent connection.

This is why it’s important for business to ensure that the appliances used are deemed safe. So, this where where the Portable Appliance Testing or PAT tester comes in. It’s a specialised device used to assess whether the appliance meets the standard safety guidelines.

What is a PAT tester?

When assessing an equipment, an engineer or tester does a basic visual inspection of the piece of equipment. It could include looking at the cables, checking the insulation or finding any exposed metal parts. After the initial test, a more thorough examination comes in using the PAT tester, a more thorough assessment is in order. The test could include earth continuity, insulation resistance and lead polarity. When calibrated properly, the PAT tester can provide accurate readings.

How often do you need to calibrate a PAT testing device?

Just like any other testing equipment, a PAT tester also needs to regular calibration. A poorly calibrated device can result in an inaccurate assessment. It’s highly recommended to calibrate the tester you use once every 12 months. This holds true for any type of PAT tester.

Here at Metrotest, we don’t only provide calibration services. We offer MedCal or Medical + Calibration service for your PAT tester. Besides calibrating the equipment, we will open the equipment and find signs of potential issues such as internal wiring problem, damaged parts, defective batteries and overheated components.

 How much do PAT Calibration services cost?

The cost of calibrating and repairing a PAT equipment varies. To give you an idea of the rough cost of having your PAT tester calibration service, check the table below.

Seaward 3760, Aegis Patrol, TNT el, Kyoritsu 6201A Portable Appliance Testers (No adjustment available)

Calibration Check (for the above testers):


$150 plus GST
Metrel DeltaPAT MI300, AlphaPAT MI2142, Megger 150, EasiPAT 2/10, Seaward 3760 DL Portable Appliance Testers

Calibration Check & Adjustment where adjustment is possible

Metrel BetaPAT MI3303/MI3304/MI2141, Metrel SigmaPAT MI3310, Seaward Europa, Ethos 9600 Seaward Supernova, Portable Appliance Testers

Calibration Check & Adjustment where adjustment is possible

$290 plus GST
Sonel MetroIPAT , Meggar PAT 4, Meggar 420

Calibration Check & Adjustment (if required and possible)

$390 plus GST

If you would like to avail the MedCal service, check out the additional charges below:

Electrical Test Instrument$45+ gst
Printer Only$55 +gst
PAT and Printer$85+ gst

Ready to book a PAT calibration service?

Make sure your PAT tester is working properly. This way, you get to avoid getting a false or inaccurate assessment when you check the quality of the appliances or equipment you use in the workplace.